Character Details - Set

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SetName: Set
Meaning of Name: One who dazzles, or pillar of stability
Race: Torem                                   
Age: Immortal                                      
Apparent Age (if different): Mid-thirties       
Height: 6' 5"                                
Build/Weight: Muscular                      
Hair: Black, Shoulder-length 
Eyes: Black                                 
Complexion: Tanned                        
Identifying Marks (if present):          
Clothing: A linen 'kilt' and leather sandals are most usually worn.          

Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None

Skills and Abilities: Able to create the energies of Chaos and thus Storms, Darkness, Deserts and Treachery in others.Able to shape-shift into the form of the 'Set animal': long, squared ears and a long, down-turned snout, a canine-like body with an erect forked tail.
Weapons Used: A scimitar.

Personality: Strong-willed, intelligent and determined, Set will let nothing stand in his way.

Other Information:

The son of Geb and Nut, Set has three siblings: Isis, Osiris and Nephthys, and is a member of the Torem of Nocturne.

The Torem are a race of god-like beings with the ability to see and manipulate the Tapestry of their universe. However, they are not able to see the Future, only Present and Past. Further, they can only alter inanimate things and circumstances AROUND people. They cannot affect a sentient being directly because of the free will of that being.

Despite the Torem's god-like abilities to alter the past and present, their survival and power rely on a delicate balance of the energy generated by a world itself, a planet's Ghia, and the energy of the sentient races there. Each Torem must have whatever energy is conducive to its life-force present to be 'healthy'. In the case of Set this is Chaos and thus Storms, Darkness, Deserts and Treachery. To enable himself to feed, he is also able to generate these energies in others.

All Torem are capable of healing and regeneration of their own wounds, if they are relatively minor. Major, fatal, wounds eg. decapitation are beyond the individual ability to regenerate, nor are they generally able to heal others although it is a specific ability of some. Set, however, is not one of these.

Most Torem are capable of assuming more than one form, although there are a few exceptions to this. The animal whose form they take is often unique to the individual. In effect, they have three possible forms: humanoid, animal, or a 'were' version of the animal with which they are associated. In the case of Set, this animal form is the 'Set animal': long, squared ears and a long, down-turned snout, a canine-like body with an erect forked tail.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Dwayne Johnson
The Rock
Set the Destroyer by R Kemp