Character Details - Foxxfire (Lost Horizons)

Written by ArianafoxxCreated : 31-Dec-2004 2:58:34 pm
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In this incarnation Foxx is 5'2, half-elven, approximately 300 years old and generally following her curiousity across the universe thinly protected by an aura of innocence.

Well maybe not so thinly.

For whatever reason the spirits of her homeworld have extended her a measure of protection which while it won't prevent her from getting the crap kicked out of her in a dark alleyway, or a very great deal of damage being done, it does cause a great reluctance on the part of whomever to actually strike a killing blow.

Personality wise she's friendly, young, curious, idealistic and unconciously projects wide eyed innocence. This Foxx shares the thirst for experience and the same sense of humor as on other boards, though the humour might be a little more innocent and a little more respectful of others feelings. She tries to be nice. She has had enough experiences to pick up some self defense and learn not go home with every stranger, but overall she has far too much faith in the idea that no one would really hurt her before she could either kick their ass or get away. She's probably wrong. But the old saying you know, better lucky than smart, and so far she has been very lucky.

Foxxfire can summon handfire and with a great deal of concentration, portal (although she lacks the ability to reliably set her destination as she is lacking the ability to focus strongly enough on it while managing the energies required to sustain the portal).

Weaponwise she is familiar with both Rapier and Archers sword, but the only weapons which are likely to be on her person are an elven longknife given to her father by her mother, which she carries for sentimental reasons often strapped inside her boot, and a switchblade secured in the right hand sleeve of the leather motorcycle jacket from which she is never far.

Foxxfire practically lives in her black leather boots (3" heels, slightly wider than your average stilletto on account of the wood/silver/wood makeup) and her black leather jacket (cut just above the hip, pretty plain looking, and warm enough,).


Height : 5'1

Weight : 90lbs

Eye colour : Blue-green

Hair Color : Red with gold highlights, falls smoothly┬ to approximately mid back in loose curls and waves, usually worn down.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Lindsay Lohan