Character Details - Kaine Ladon

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Physical Description:
Name: Kaine Ladon
Meaning: Acquired
Race: Vampire
Age: Immortal
Apparent Age: Mid-thirties
Height: 6' 2"
Build: Muscular
Hair: Black, Cropped
Eyes: Black
Complexion: Unlike most vampires, his African blood gives Kaine a dark-brown skintone.
Identifying Marks:
Clothing: Favours a black leather trench-coat over black trousers and shirt. Will wear body armour (also black) if it seems necessary. Also often wears black wrap-around sunglasses.

Personal Information:
Personality: Cold. Merciless. Remorseless.
Skills and Abilities: Mind Control, Preternatural strength and speed, Glamour
Weapons Used: Skilled with many weapons, Kaine particularly favours the use of blades and is typically found carrying at least one. He is also expert in the use of the Bakh Nagh, or Tiger's Claws, a weapon that originated on the Indian sub-continent of Terra amongst the Thugee. These are essentially a set of brass knuckles fitted with four or five metal claws, 2-3 inches long, meant to be used with a racking action. They can do about as much damage as a small knife and can also be used to induce poison into a victim's system, or to simulate an animal or Lupine attack.

Background Information:
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: Blood-bound to Sire, Keesha Ladon
Children: None
Brief History: Born in Terran Africa, the young Kaine travelled widely throughout both Africa and the Middle East, the orphaned thief eventually reaching the Indian sub-continent. There he became involved with the Thugee cult, worshippers of Kali, strangling and robbing victims in the name of their goddess, the Hindu goddess of destruction. His potential was spotted by a member of the Ladons, the recruiters for whom regularly trawled such cults, and was brought back to their headquarters, which is known as The Eagle's Nest. There he underwent the training required before undergoing the Embrace. Kaine is primarily a field operative, skilled in the arts of assassination.

Other Information:

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