Character Details - Alasse Celeblasse

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Name: Alasse Tel'Quessir Celeblasse

Meaning of Name: Joy of the People Silverleaf

Race: Ingraleisian Elf and Taurësúlë

Age: 43 (as of Blood Moon Rising)

Apparent Age (if different): late teens, early 20's

Height: 5'10"

Build/Weight: Slender but muscular

Hair: Chestnut in color, almost waist length, hints of blonde highlights

Eyes:  Green-blue with sparks of gold

Complexion: fair

Identifying Marks (if present): Silver tri-quetra mark on shoulder with a blue gem embedded in it, surrounded by silver leaves.

Clothing: Usually loose fitting trousers and a cropped off halter top.  Other clothing as appropriate.

Personal Items usually carried: A leather bound journal, with a carved ebony pen.  White and silver rapier. 

Personality:  Alasse is the younger of Kaelan Tel'Quessir and Lhach Celeblasse's oldest twins.  Generally, she is the quieter, calmer one of the two, taking after her Tel'Quessir heritage.  She does have a bit of a temper though, but it takes a lot to set her off.

Occupation: Princess of Ingraleis

Skills and Abilities: Alasse has a bond with the land, as do all of the Tel'Quessir women.  She has a natural gift for gardening and has a talent with plants, usually able to talk to them.  This ties into her Silverleaf heritage, as her element is earth.

Weapons Used: Alasse is skilled with most weapons, though she prefers a rapier.

History:  Alasse is the younger of twin girls, born to Kaelan Tel'Quessir and Lhach Celeblasse.  She has spent most of her life on Ingraleis, though she does visit Gala Nodel frequently.  She has taken a few trips offworld on various adventures. 

Marital Status: Unmarried.  She has been in love with her childhood friend, and now personal guard, Brennen Gilraen, since childhood.  The two have grown consistently closer over the last few years and Alasse has hopes it will grow further.

Children: none

Blood or Soul Bonds: none

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