Character Details - Berenike

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Berenike is the daughter of a minor Hellenic noble father and a native Egyptian mother. She grew up in Alexandria, where her father served at court and her brother attended the Museum.

Berenike followed in the footsteps of her mother, a midwife who was accepted by both Egyptian and some Macedonian women. Berenike's curiosity led her to combine traditional Egyptian healing methods with those introduced by the Macedonians, Jews and Romans in the rich cultural melting pot typical of Alexandria.

She married briefly, an Egyptian soldier, but he was killed when Egypt fell to Rome and became a province. Restless and grieving, Berenike left Alexandria, and worked her way through Syria, able to find work wherever she went, but unable to settle. She continues to drift around the Eastern Empire.

Berenike is 22, tall and quite slim, hardened by travel and relative poverty. Her blood has given her dusky skin, black hair, and odd gray eyes. She is quiet and compassionate, and there is an air of seriousness about her which makes most other people respect her.

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Elisabetta Canalis