Character Details - Spinatia ~ The Great Weaver

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I am The Great Weaver, Wife of Cronos, Mother of The Felinumeara, Times Mistress, Keeper of The Loom of Life and before I became all this I was Spinatia a simple farm girl at the beginning of time. I was the oldest in a large family and my sole job during the day was to spin the wool. At night in my spare time I would work the loom my father had given me to make floor coverings for our home or to sell in the market place. It was the only time I was at peace ... working the loom. Then I caught the eye of Cronos ... Father of Time.

At first his visits were only at night and very short. He would sit on my bed and watch me work the loom never saying much, but I could feel him watching. It always made me nervous, but not so much so that I would knot the thread or make a mistake in the weave. I think I knew from the first he was a god ... there was a power about him ... it shone in the deep black orbs of his eyes, oozed from his well muscled frame, and glowed in his ruggedly handsome features.

As time went on Cronos started coming to me during the day when I was at the spinning wheel. I was always scared one of my family would come in and see him sitting on the floor gazing up at me with those all consuming bottomless black eyes... it never occurred to me that he had the ability to make himself invisible to all except me. For months he would visit me ... just sitting there seeming to be at perfect peace. I often wondered how he could manage to stay so still for so long, but I never asked him. In fact ... I only tried to speak to him once in the beginning, his response was to put his finger to his lips to silence me, after that I never tried again.

I don't know when or how, but Cronos had become an import part of my life. I found myself waking each day with a smile anxious to be in his company while I spun and while I wove at night. Sometimes I wondered if he was there and I just couldn't see him and that thought always made my heart skip as the butterflies danced in my stomach. Then one day he didn't come ... I thought perhaps he had other business to attend to. That day lead into another ... then another ... for a month I did not see him and was sure that I had done something wrong, to make him not want to spend his time with me anymore. I was distraught and heart broken ... I could not weave, spin, eat, sleep, and my mind was filled with images of his powerful presence with those soul consuming eyes.

Exactly a month after he vanished Cronos reappeared to me. My father had sent me to pick berries since I could not spin or weave adeptly. I was kneeling in a patch of wild strawberries when I felt him ... it was like the sun shinning on your face after a long cold winter. Standing I spun about opening my mouth to speak and his finger went to his lips again. In the blink of an eye he was inches from me placing something around my neck ... looking down I lifted it a bit to find on a silver chain a symbol I did not know ... it is now what is my symbol ... the key of life. I will never forget how I trembled as he spoke, how my heart threatened to jump from my chest as my blood raced through my veins and I longed to be forever with him. "Of all the creatures I have seen and created ... you, Spinatia, are the most wondrous. My immortal heart beats for you whispering your name to the cosmos. I come to you now begging for the honor and blessing of your presence by my side for eternity." Deep and rich was his voice as he declared himself shocking me as he knelt to make his request of me.

Having no words to answer him I simply knelt taking his face in my hands. With my own naivety and inexperience I brushed my lips over his. Instantly his arms were about me, pulling me close, and it didn't matter that I could barely breath ... though I will never know if it was from his hold on me or the maelstrom of emotions that swirled within me. We made love there in the strawberry patch and time stood still for us.

Much later I went home and it was as if I had only been gone a few hours when for me it had been two days. I told my family that I was leaving ... that I would see them when I could, but it would not be often. I took nothing with me ... just walked out the door with a kiss from my mother and a hug from my father ... Cronos waited for me on the path and I think his presence was the only reason my father did not argue my decision.

Cronos took me to a huge pristine white building. Upon entering I asked him what it was and he smiled saying, "this is your hall, My Heart, The Felinumeara will pay homage to you here. They are your bride gift from me ... your children." I didn't understand then what was in store for me ... if I had perhaps I would not have allowed the cheetah to become so vain and cocky.

Cronos showed me everything he had done for this new race, what he thought they should be, and how he thought they should be governed. We spent long hours in The Hall discussing them Before The Weave Began. Then I was given The Loom of Life along with the first Life Threads ... as I wove the felinumeara came into being with every deft motion of my fingertips. I could see every flaw ... struggled to correct it ... found a new one ... corrected it ... and so it went and still goes.

The Felinumeara are my children and I love them. I watch them ... aid them ... teach them ... nurture them ... and hold their fate in my hands. I require no ostentatious ceremonies to worship me ... only simple ones to ask for instruction, permission, and my blessing. However, that is not to say that there is no consequences when they do wrong or knot my threads.

I am The Great Weaver, Wife of Cronos, Mother of Time, Keeper of The Loom of Life ... and these are my children. See their splendor and uniqueness as well as their faults and flaws. Learn of them and from them always accepting them as they are. Share in their glory and their down fall ... but always understand ... they are MY children and I shall not let harm come to them or allow them to be taken from me. To attempt either would evoke my wrath and that you do not want.

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