Character Details - Leutian Shia'Toh

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Name: Leutian Shia'Toh

Age: 646

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 175lb

Eyes: Amber

Hair: Golden Blond

Clan: Cheetah

Life: D'Tra (2)

Bonds: Aer'Tamdo ~ Rellana Sotral, Neuth'Ra ~ Lacia Del'Atria (coming soon)

Appearance: Leutian is tall, strong and willowy in appearance with sharp angled facial features accented by his short golden blond hair.� His coat is a golden yellow with black spots and his eyes are a liquid amber color.� His� eyes are extremely expressive and he usually has trouble hiding what he thinks or feels as it almost always shows in their golden depths.

Demeanor:� Leutian's charm is in his inability to let anyone sit off by themselves or be in a bad mood.� More often than not he is filled with quippy comebacks, smart remarks, and all around orneriness.� However, being a Shia and responsible for teaching, literally, thousands of fei he does have the ability to be serious when the situation calls for it.

Abilities: As his a cheetah it goes without saying that Leutian is capable of great speed as well as being well versed in the tooth and claw.� Along with this he can also fight with a spear and is adequate with a bow.� However, his preferred weapon is a long knife as it allows him to use his quick reflexes to his best advantage.� In addition to his fighting skills Leutian is also an accomplished tracker and hunter, however, his greatest ability lays in his mind not his body.

Being a Shia and having to teach all fei their linage Leutian can spout off any felinumeara's lineage at the drop of a hat all the way back to the beginning time.� In addition to this he knows the histories of his people better than most.� To add to this knowledge Leutian has made a great study of the beginning time of his people learning and understanding how the felinumeara have changed through the ages.� With this knowledge he tends to see things in a much different light and this is partially what allows him seem so� care free and smart alicky.

History: The only history I have for Leutian at the moment is that at age three hundred and forty he passed into his second life saving a child from drowning in the Del'Oba (great river) when it had flooded.�

*I will be adding to this bio as time goes on so please keep checking it for changes*

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