Character Details - Altorian Ashka

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Name: Altorian Ashka
Age: 6004 at time of Seed of Wrath tale - Diirlathe

Race: Aerdonian Black Dragon, pure blood
House: Minor House Ashka (dissolved after Scorched Earth timeline)
Rank: Second Captain Captain of the Black Guard

Dragon Appearance:

Color: Black
Eyes: Black pupil with amber iris
Length: Apprx. 58 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Apprx. 87 ft wingspan

Human Appearance:
Hair: Short, dark brown
Eyes: Dark Amber
Build: Heavily Muscular
Height: 6'4
Weight: 295lbs or just under 22 stone
Bonding status: Single but from time to time is found in the company of Mena Alcarin.


Altorian's life as one of the Black Guard began when he followed in the footsteps of his oldest sibling, who he idolized, Tyloril. Ty had been taken prisoner by the Silver Kin during the middle phase of the war for the Silmetaurea and was presumed dead. With the full support of Dravis, Altorian's sire, Altorian joined the ranks of Nargus' military. For hundreds of years, he intentionally denied his birthright, Blessed of Ghauld, and rather than admit to himself he was destined to become a 'Chosen' of the Lord of Destruction, Altorian attempted to copy his lost brother, from attitude to fighting style. Daemonorel Ashev was the first to recognize Altorian could be much more than he was, and actively encouraged Araxmarr to manipulate Altorian's fate by pulling him into the ranks of troops directly under the Vesahd's control. He later become a Sargtlin in the then mythical Black Guard, a faction of soldiers in Araxmarr's inner circle of friends that were fanatically loyal to him, and only him.

Through the remainder of the War for the Silmetaurea against the Silver Kin and Eldredae elves, and the battles on the Chimerian Plains against the Centaurs and Humans, Altorian worked his way up through the ranks to ultimately become a Second Captain, and one highly trusted by Araxmarr and his comrades.

Later in time, House Ashka becomes the target of an assassin of House Crylos, a Renegade House seeking to start Kanley between the Black Imperium and the Silver Nation. Dravis and Fyre were slaughtered, as was the entire Ashka House. Only a few survivors were found, and Tyloril turns up soon after with the story that he'd escaped Xudah IX, the prison world he'd been help captive on. He returned with a great deal of private wealth in rare precious gems, also smuggled off Xudah IX. His return was suspect at best, however, his story seemed plausible at the time, given the 'Kanley' that seemed to be starting.

Once House Crylos is discovered to be the instigator, Altorian began to suspect Tyloril of treachery. The claim held on him by Ghauld becames more and more apparent, and finally, Altorian was faced with the grim truth. He was actually a survivor of a rare twin hatching. His identical twin was strangled at hatching by Tyloril. Altorian survived only because Dravis discovered Tyloril immediately after the unnamed infant died. The twin's body was disposed of, and only Dravis and Tyloril knew there had been more than one infant hatched of the same egg. Altorian reclaims his birthright as the 'Chosen' of Ghauld immediately before confronting Tyloril about his hand in the Kanley and the death of his twin by choosing to carry the weapons he was born to use - The Twins of Ghauld.

The Twins of Ghauld (commonly called The Twins):

The Twins of Ghauld are a pair of war axes handed down through the generations of House Il'dia and were gifted by Ghauld himself to a set of identical twins, direct ancestors of House Il'dia. To wield them is to accept Ghauld's claim on the wielder as his chosen, and as his 'chosen' have always been twins, they were intended to be wielded singularly. Altorian, however, has the strength and skill to use them both in tandem.


Altorian has been known to be 'whiney' and frankly, 'bitchy' in the past. During the tale Scorched Earth written at Whispin, Altorian underwent a transformation, one that left him far more stoic and unflinching, yet at the same time, revealed the person he truly is, rather than a copy of a brother who was never the person Altorian thought him to be. Despite being the Chosen of Ghauld, he is usually the person to break up brawls when they've gone on too long, and often is more level headed than many of his fellow Guard.


As mentioned above, Altorian carries The Twins. He has the Black Kin's natural ability to mesmerize or cast Brighid's Flame, but neither gift are finely tuned. The Flame is more often than not too powerful for 'fine work' jobs, but is handy when total annihilation of a place, person, or thing, is preferred. The gift of mesmerizing is a touch and go thing, a trait developed by the Black Kin to give them a few seconds edge when prey seeks to escape. In most cases, as in Altorian's, this gift only works on weak minded prey, and only for two to three seconds.... just long enough to pin the intended meal with talon or tail.

Marks and Scars:

Like all members of the Black Guard, regardless of Rank and Seniority, Altorian is 'marked' with the Blackthorn Crest on his right shoulder blade and his body is a roadmap of pride-scars. He also has a Black tribal dragon tat on the back of neck, at the nape, which winds up the back of his neck.

The Mark of Ghauld can be found around both his wrists. Normally, only one mark would be found on each twin, but again, Altorian is the sole surviving twin, and as such, bears the mark his brother should have had.

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