Character Details - Dexter Spears

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 21-Nov-2004 5:29:30 am
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Age: 35


Weight: 150lbs

Hair Color:Light Brown almost Sandy Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Race: Human

Body Build: Tall, lanky, skinny


Appearance: Dexter has a very geeky air to him from his tall lanky frame all the way down to his brown leather loafers. He has a goofy endearing smile that usually gets him out of most trouble as the recipient believes him to be dim witted. Large ears stick out from the side of his head and one curls downward a bit from his habitual pulling and rubbing on it when he is thinking. Fond of button down shirts, slacks, and brown loafers this ensemble is usually completed with a sweater or vest of some kind in earth tones.

Demeanor: As you may have guessed Dexter is lacking in most social graces. It takes him a while to warm up to anyone and when he does they should be prepared for blunt honesty, unusual observations, and a lot of rambling that doesn't always resemble anything near a known language. However, Dex is also very kind, giving, and helpful having a great love for animals.

Abilities: Dexter's area of expertise is not in nature or social abilities, but in observation and analysis. Blue eyes are extremely keen seeing things as a whole before his brain will break the picture down into smaller bits to analyze. He also has a photographic memory and phonographic hearing remembering everything perfectly. However, due to this ability Dex has learned a way to remember without his mind getting cluttered keeping a journal of daily happenings and depending on that to help him recall things that are trivial or seemingly unimportant.

History: Before being warped to places and planets unknown Dexter spent most of his life studying architecture. He loves buildings of any kind finding their individual characteristics beautiful and full of character. As you can imagine his fascination with dwellings made him a loner or odd duck leaving him with no social life to speak of. Being an orphaned child he had no family and thus Dexter spent most of his time at home, studying blue prints, paintings, photographs, etc. with only his ragdoll cat Cletis for company. However, this is not to say Dexter had no social interaction at all.

The one person on the building bugs buddy list was Harold a scientist that Dexter had known his whole life. Harold being just a social inept as Dexter. Thus he spent a great deal of time in his lab and when Dex was not at home with Cletis or building gazing he could be found being a test subject in Harold's lab.

Then it happened one night that Harold was studying inter dimensional travel. As usual Dexter was his lab animal. Stepping into the bizarre sphere that was suppose to whisk him away to another dimension the tall lanky man brought Cletis with him and thus was accompanied by his kitty into the test area. As the device was activated there was a loud whirring noise, followed by a blinding flash of light, and then suddenly Dexter found himself standing at the edge of a jungle looking the most fascinating building.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Judge Reinhold