Character Details - Shari Mars Davids

Written by HelenCreated : 18-Nov-2004 8:51:22 pm
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Name: Shari Mars Davids (Dah-veeds)
Age: 18 (At time of death)
Race: Human


Shari is Helen Mars' eldest daughter and first child by Paul Davids. Killed in the fire at Paul's home, set by Rachel, Shari was brought back to life by Ehrun Arahin, the Dark Goddess of Haven, as a weapon to use against Helen and Semel.
Unfortunately, Ehrun did not know of Shari's vast mental instability, and has a hard time trying to bring the girl to do her bidding. As such, Ehrun rarely allows Shari to leave the Abandoned Temple.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Azura Skye