Character Details - Beezlebub

Written by Dios KaneCreated : 30-Oct-2004 12:10:50 am
Last Edited : 30-Oct-2004 12:30:42 am

Name: Beezlebub
Age: undeterminable (seemingly elderly)
Race: Exiled Deity (humanoid)
Height: (5'6" but stooped)
Weight: (looks no more than a little over 100 lbs)
Eyes: black, red, and yellow (white)
Hair: black, red and yellow (white)
Marital Status: N/A
Affiliation: Court of the Nine Hells
Rank: First Councillor of the Nine Hells


Banished from some forgotten existence, the entity known now as Beezlebub was once called Lucifer. What little is known of how he came about was that when he fell from the grace of his own dimension, he tore through several others in the process. This caused them to merge and become one, resulting in a conglomeration of chaos. Lucifer, greatly wounded from his fall, was at the middle of it all and as the dimensions attempted to balance themselves, the excess chaos found shelter in his drained body. When he awoke, the being once known as Lucifer only knew himself to be called as Beezlebub. The ensuing tragedy that followed that concluded in the creation of the first and darkest Hell.

He helped create the other levels of the Hells from there through his extensive reach in the powers of darkness and resides over the Court now as the First Councillor. At this point and time, he is rarely recognized as being active but no one believes the Dark One to take moments of rest.


Beezlebub is chaotic in many ways. Beezlebub is often the example of demonic in other dimensions.

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