Character Details - Fadil Elgerig

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(meaning of name - Eternal Forest – Love’s Desire)

Physical Description:
Race: S'Hean elf
Age: About 3900, though he did lose track somewhat in Tenobrous
Height: 6'1"
Build: Strapping
Hair: Dark brown, straight, to the middle of his back. Often tied back at the nape of his neck.
Eyes: Dark green

Born in S'Hea, Fadil went into the Rangers, as his mother had done. When he was about 260, he was one of those sent to defend Corin from Tallin, and he was sucked into Tenobrous as a consequence.

He spent eight hundred years in the dark, under the dominion of the demoness Samara and her insane lover, hiding, running, and fighting. Though in the end he was able to help bring Corin out into the light again, the experience has deeply scarred his soul, all but destroying the light-hearted youth he was. Even after nearly three thousand years, he has a tendency to be dark, serious, and brooding. He tends to look to the worst in a situation, in order to be prepared.

He went back into Tenobrous with Y'Roden many years later, saw him fall again, and again helped to retrieve him, at the behest of Y'Roden's mother Se'Liene. For most of his life, Fadil maintained a hopeless devotion to Se'Liene, the mother of his closest friend, wife of a man he deeply respected. It may have been that loving Se'Liene, so unattainable, kept him from having to deal with real relationships. Nonetheless, he grieved hard at her death.

His main trait is simply fanatical loyalty to the D'Riel line. His obedience to them is automatic and unquestioning. He is generally quiet, but with a streak of dark humour and a certain cold ruthlessness when necessary. His respect is hard to earn, and he is wary of any emotional attachment.

He is now married to Ild'ashi Rotheld, a fellow Ranger. This has opened up his emotional side just a very small bit. He is still totally professional and devoted to his King, but there is room in his life now for this love. The High Captain of the S'Hean Rangers, he takes his responsibilities for training the younger rangers very seriously, and he is a hard but fair taskmaster.

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