Character Details - Cerebus

Written by Dios KaneCreated : 30-Oct-2004 12:06:38 am
Last Edited : 30-Oct-2004 12:48:30 am

Name: Cerebus
Age: undeterminable
Race: The Hellhound
Height: 19'7"
Weight: several tons
Eyes: fire red
Hair: rust brown
Affiliation: Court of the Nine Hells
Rank: Seventh Councillor of the Nine Hells


Cerebus was canine-like humanoid from another dimension. A war lord that betrayed everything his race stood for, his death meant a time of peace for them. Until he was ressurected in Hell and given the chance to return to his own plane. Given his dark gifts from the infant Court of Hell, Cerebus laid waste to his native dimension and killed so many bodies that the entire span of the land became a swamp fit for Hell and it was known as the Myrk.

Cerebus became the Seventh Councillor of Hell later as the Myrk became the newest addition to the Court of Hell.


Cerebus is often noted as the prime symbol of war and battle when concerning Hell. His demonic visage of the three dog heads and his enormous size and stature have made him the scary story of many children. Only when they have grown to be soldiers and by some forsaken ritual that Cerebus is allowed from Hell to attend the battlefield do they find how true those stories were. His method in battle is like a siege tank, relentless and without mercy. His mind set is much the same, often very inflexible as he believes raw power can defeat any obstacle.

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