Character Details - Ly'Anna El'Haie

Written by Willow SilverwingCreated : 29-Oct-2004 8:20:14 pm
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S’Hea Elf

Healer                                      (this bio is a work in progress)

Age: 950

 Physical description: 

 Ly’Anna is petite with long dark brown hair and emerald green eyes standing 5’2” tall.

 Skills: Mage/ Healer

Ly’Anna has spent her years living in a secluded fashion in the forests of S’Hean.  She is a distant relative of the D’Riels, so distant that she doesn’t even appear on their lists.  But, she is a gifted healer. 

Ly’Anna love of life shows in her affinity of living within the trees.  She has never had any desire to leave the confines of the suspended city or the surrounding waterfalls and forests. 

Her magic that comes naturally because of heritage only intensifies what she has learned about using the herbs of the world she lives on for healing.

Self-taught in the ways of healing she has slowly made herself known within the healers.  She has tired to spend time with the teachers but finds herself always being pulled to the trees that surround her home, slipping to the ground traveling through the foliage looking for new herbs, listening to the things that grow there, waiting for something special to happen.


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