Character Details - Loril Datari

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Name: Loril Datari
Meaning: Despite what she tells people, Loril does not mean 'trouble' in silver, but is a type of wild rose found on the northern edges of the Silmetaurea.
Race: Pure Aerdonian Silver

Two-legger form -
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 145 lbs sopping wet, that would be just over 10 stone
Hair: Honey blonde, long, thick and straight
Eyes: Datari Green - Black Emerald

Draconic/Kin form -
Length: 34 ft
Wingspan: 51 ft

Color:  Pale silver, near white, and reflective in a way that makes her appear almost opalescent.  This is due in part to the fact that Loril was the last to hatch of the clutch, and in fact was thought to be too weak to survive once she did.  Her color is something of a flaw in her genetic code and also ties into her dimunitive size relative to her race.

Background: Loril is the only daughter born into Aran and Caella Datari's family. Rather than raise a pampered young woman with courtley manners, Aran and Caella encouraged their sole daughter to follow the paths of her heart. She turned out to be a voracious bookworm, had a natural talent for almost anything she chose to do, weapons training, art, music, poetry, foreign language, etc., yet once she grew bored with whatever obsession she had at the moment, she would toss it aside in favor of something new. She was a mere child when her mother died during the razing of the town they lived in, and went with her three brothers to live in Keser Datari's house during their father's Madness.

The result was a shock to the system. Keser, while raising more than one female trained in the family tradition of assassination, expected them to conform, at least publicly, to the society norm. Females were to be quiet, subservient and elegant. Loril was and is bawdy, has a raw sense of humour and has no objections to using sensuality to manipulate others, of either sex. Conform is a word she never learned and has no appreciation for.

Personality: As mentioned above, Loril is the wild hare of the Datari family. She makes Areq look like an alter boy for a god of celibacy and reserve. She talks a great deal, runs off on tangents, gets diverted, and yet somehow manages to keep up with what she's rattling on about... most of the time. She's an adrenaline junkie... living to wind people up is her hobby, and the bigger and scarier, the better... which makes people like Cae Dosek a prime target. Beneath all the pestering and play, however, there are a great deal of questions in her mind. After her Sire and brothers Landrii and Areq left for the Keep, their names were never to be spoken again in Keser's House. She knows very little that has happened with them since the War and what she does know has been told to her by her cousins, Sehaine and Alessen. In a show of open rebellion and complete disregard for her uncle's wishes, Loril has started making secret forays to the Keep in an effort to find out what it was about the Emperor's Keep that made Elandriil and Areq refuse Keser's final offer which would have allowed them to return with full noble status and holdings.

Like her sire and two of her brothers, Loril's preference in deities is for Oraex, the Storm, and it shows in her personality.

Appearance: Loril's favorited style of dress is unusual for the culture she was raised in. She has a fondness for very dark or black nail polish and occassionally, lipstick. Rich purples and scarlets are her favorite color, but adores velvety blacks as well. She likes ribbon necklaces with pendants, the tighter around her thoat the better, has a penchant for embroidered corset tops and leather trousers, and like the necklaces, the tighter the better. Her hair is usually left loose, regardless of what she is doing. Footwear ranges wildly, from stilleto hip boots to lug soled, lace up boots and everything in between and sometimes nothing. She has a delicate build and seems to have a fragile bone structure, something that often surprises people when they realize how bold she is.

Abilities: Like all Silver Kin, Loril has an affinity for Ice and Lightning, but like Areq will 'reach' for the ice first if pressed to use it. Her hands are small, so her choice of weapons leans to knives and sai. She knows just enough about most weapons to get herself into a lot of trouble when her confidence is overwhelmed by the very real fact that she's good... but not an expert.

Marks: Loril has a black, tribal styled tattoo that sweeps across the base of her spine and another tribal style tatoo that runs vertically from beneath her naval to the upper edge of, for a lack of gentler description, hair line. She has few scars and callouses, but that's not from a lack of trying.

Little known facts: Loril hoards chokers... the ribbon necklaces she is so fond of, and actually ribbons in general.

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