Character Details - Melaina Alcarin

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Name: Melaina Simone Alcarin

Race: Ali-Maera and Elen

Age: 979 (as of BloodMoon Rising)

Apparent Age: Early to Mid 20's

Height: 5'9"

Eyes: Grey, turn silver when angered, faceted silver when draconic nature is showing

Hair: Blonde, usually waist length, though occasionally shorter

Complexion: fair, yet slightly tanned

Identifying marks: Slightly crooked nose, scar on her shoulder, faded mark on shoulder, pierced naval, pierced tongue, smattering of blue scales on her stomach.

Personal Items Always Carried: Letter from E'Than, daggers from An'Thaya and Callan, Journal

Clothing: Whispin leather pants, halter top or a dress in the Elen style, very sheer and floaty

Personality: Younger of the twins born to Mystical and Galain, Melaina is more like her father, and proud of that fact.  If it's even suggested she takes after her mother, daggers are likely to fly.  Melaina is hot tempered, and often a bit insane, though she usually means well. 

Occupation: Some would say "General Pain in the Ass"

Skills and Abilities:  Mel is gifted with magic and often learns it very quickly.  Since her return from across the veil, this isn't as prominent, but she is still very talented with it. 

History:  Since Mystical's marriage to Tallin Modar, Melaina has repudiated her.  She considers An'Thaya her mother, in every sense of the word.  The split between Galain and An'Thaya hurt Mel as it did her siblings, but at the same time, Mel could see the hurt in her Atara's eyes, and the joy that Callan brought into them.  Before his involvement with An'Thaya, Melaina considered Callan her best friend.  Now, when her father isn't around, she calls him Stepdaddy, just to get a rise out of him.

She'd never do that in Galain's hearing though, she adores her father and is very much a "Daddy's girl".  She wasn't overly fond of her stepmother, but she made and continues to make an attempt to be civil when they're in the same room, now that Ghet is married to Y'Roden and she's not sure either of them can really remember why they don't get along to begin with.

Melaina has had three lovers in her life.  First was Grey Nightraven, a half-giant ranger.  They bonded, and then the bond faded as they drifted apart.  Second, was E'than Attar, Armsmaster of the Black Dragon Throne.  An unexpected pregnancy and loss destroyed the relationship that was already on fragile ground, both having walked away once before. 

Melaina walked away from E'than, terrified of her feelings and straight into her own personal hell.  In a tavern, not a very reputable one, she met B'ryan and B'ryen D'riel, though she'd no clue who they were at the time.  The twins clouded her mind, and brutally raped her, nearly killing her, but for 'Loki's timely scream to Callan, the only bond Melaina hadn't been able to block.  The encounter left her pregnant, and though she eventually lost the baby, it sobered Mel, and in her heart, there is always that empty space where her daughter should have been.  When she came back, she couldn't face E'than, not for nearly two years, and then, as she confessed what had happened, all hell broke loose, as Tallin Modar wrested control of Corin and captured E'Than.  Then it was his turn to walk away.  It took another two years for the two to try again, but then another crisis, and another miscarriage, necessary to save Mel's life, ripped them apart.

The third lover is Balan Raven, brother of Conlan's bride, Kaylee.  His wild nature left Mel feeling loved and free, and kept her from feeling trapped by what they had together.  She divided her time between her cottage on Whispin, in the woods outside of Corin, the Palace on Ingraleis, where her niece Helena reigns as queen, Arlsyn, home to Conlan and his family and to Balan, not to mention Shadow, her Seler'khmer, her diamond sister. 

Melaina has two daggers that are enchanted, they will return to her grasp whenever she calls for them with her mind.  If another tried to weild them, they would find the metal grows too hot for their hand, unless of course, Melaina's granted permission which is rare.  One of the daggers was a gift from An'Thaya, this is the first one Mel usually reaches for.  The other is dragonsteele, a gift from Callan when worlds were being upended.  Melaina somehow understands that the dagger was a peace offering, and perhaps more though she's not looked too closely, and so she treasures it as she treasured her friend. 

During Destruction of a Sane Mind, Melaina and Balan split up, a difficult choice for Mel to make.  She was later captured by her maternal grandfather, Dashcae, the Ali-Maera God of Darkness.  Daschae locked her into a tower, giving the blonde a lot of time to think about the mistakes she'd made in her past.  Unfortunately, as a result of the captivity combined with the sickness in S'Hea, Melaina died shortly after being rescued by Conlan and Balan.

At the end of Scorched Earth, with the help of the Silverleaf family, Melaina was resurrected.  This time she is somewhat more sane, drinking much less than she had before, and takes much more time to think things through before she acts.  She can sometimes be seen helping out at the Green Heart, depending on her mood, but is most times with her father's family in Alcarinque.  She's found a peace there that her soul badly needed.

Since her ressurection, Mel has made a few alterations to her appearance.  With  her death, her dragon died as well, leaving Mel without her blue scales on her return.  To distract herself from the absence of her long time companion, the blonde has pierced her belly button.  It also served as a reminder of what she gave up by not facing her fears.  She's also recently pierced her tongue.

When she finally faced Balan again, she bared her heart, but found that not even that could fix what she had damaged.  Though she loves him still, she is working more on strengthening her relationships with her family and learning more about her Elen heritage.

During Return of the Queen, Melaina was chosen by Lishae, the Ali-Maera God of Light.  This gave her back her dragon form, as well as giving her back some of the Ali-Maera powers she repudiated.  She has made her peace with the mistakes she made in the past, and the michevious girl she used to be is much more easily seen.

Marital Status: Unmarried

Children: None surviving

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