Character Details - Mi'Leah Ma'Ius

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MiLeahPhysical Description:
Preferred Name: Mi’Leah Ma’Ius
Birth Name: Mi’Leah Ma’Ius
Meaning of Name: Wish of Innocence – Noble Warrior
Race: S’Hean
Age: 4691(as of The Orb of Mysteries)
Apparent Age (if different): Early to mid thirties
Height: 5’ 2”
Build/Weight: Slender
Hair: Mid back deep brown to black
Eyes: Hazel Green
Complexion: lightly tanned
Clothing: S’Hean dresses or pants and loose blouses
Personal Items usually carried: --
Identifying Marks (if present): --

Personal Information:
Personality: Mi’Leah is soft spoken and is dedicated in anything that gains her interest.
Occupation: Scholar/Musican
Skills and Abilities: Research and various instruments
Weapons Used: Accomplished with the bow

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Brief History: Mi’Leah is the oldest of two children born of a family of musicians. However, Mi’Leah chose to become a scroll keeper but her interest in music remains strong and she can often be found finding ways to work the histories into music.

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