Character Details - Y'Roce D'Riel

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Y'Roce D'Riel   (Sword's Son)

Eyes: emerald green

Hair: ruddy chestnut having some of the red blonde highlights from his mother.

Race: S'Hean/ Elf/ Human

Second son of Y'Roden D'Riel with Greka Sven

Approximately 475 years old at (need to reference timeline) currently his age is __

Standing 5’ 11” built like his father broad and muscular

Weighs: ~ 275 lbs

Marital Status: not married formerly bonded to Runebard but since was severed shared a friendship bond with Rhiannon K’Tral when any chance of a deeper relationship was discovered to be impossible. Currently very attracted to Kee’Aeryn K’Tral and exploring the possibilities.

Children: none yet

Marks:  Given several sigils when he connected to Rune located on his inner thigh right side.  The sigils had faded after the extended absence of Runebard and disappeared completely during the healing of S'Hea.

The mark of his friendship bond with Rhiannon was place on the crease of his leg at his groin.

Also bears the D'riel emblem on his left shoulder placement and design are like his father's due to the genetic factor of the mark borne by those of Royal D'Riel heritage. The only significant difference for Y'Roce's birthmark is that his will likely never carry the emeralds of Crown Prince since he will likely never be the last remaining son of Y'Roden let alone an acknowledged legitimate heir.

Y'Roce was born and raised in the sanctuary given his mother by Callan Blackthorn prior to the resurgence of Nargus.  She did her best to raise her son to fit into his family in S'Hea one day knowing he would far outlive her thanks to a book given her by Y’Roden on the life and customs of S’Heans. Y'Roden was never told where she had gone following their departure so he never met his second son until many years after Y'Roce had grown to young adulthood (equal to late teens by human standards).

Since then Y'Roce can be found in the grounds of the castle in Nenlante or with Runebard until she was called away to her home world.  He has also stayed close to his father in times of trouble wanting only to be the best son possible to a father he has only just come to know. Trying overhard to fit in among family and relatives Y'Roce tends to create more trouble for himself than he resolves. Recently when in the throes of blinding attraction to Rhiannon he managed to alienate himself from the one brother he had the most fondness for Imoreki.

So far he has a lot to learn and is currently in training with his stepmother Ghetsuhm to learn protocol and insight into relations with others.


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