Character Details - Cerise Noir Del'Nar

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Cerise Noir Del'Nar                    


Name: Cerise Noir Del'Nar  (literally black cherry or Cherry Black)

Age: 21

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 126lbs light to medium build

Eyes: midnight blue

Hair: deep black almost raven color

Complexion: ivory but not fragile fair like blondes or redheads

Race: Human (planetary origin uncertain)

Clan: Lion ~ adopted

Marital Status: single

Children: none 

Bonds: none as yet

Identifying Marks: Although faded or fading Cerise has the scars of the many beatings and tortures she endured while in captivity with Mayor Argus of Rumleigh.   

Appearance: Standing 5'6" tall Cerise is still thin for her height and build since the Mayor did not feed his 'guests' overmuch. While she was never starved her rations were limited to keep her size appealing to the Mayor. Cerise tends to prefer loose fitting peasant style shirt with full skirt at a length to her ankles. Dark blues and greens tend to be her favored colors. 

Demeanor: Suffering has a way of altering your way of thinking and Cerise is no exception. She has a warm and giving heart often hidden by her fear of others and their reaction to her. Many was the time when she would be tortured for not pleasing the Mayor so she now tends to seek to please everyone from as much self preservation as it is the pure joy of doing things for others. Things for her however are once again changing since finding her way to the felinumeara village. 

Skills and Abilities: Cerise is still exploring her talents and is showing signs of artistic talents in the arena of crafts and needlework. 

History: The early history for Cerise is sketchy at best since she cannot recall her parents very well. They arrived on CathEska before Cerise was born and by the time she was four years old she had been passed around to relatives and friends of her parents until Mayor Argus took her in around the age of fifteen. What at first appeared to be a blessing by those around the young female turned out to be a nightmare of the first order for Cerise Noir. She met Haley the only other there she ever had contact with besides Argus and his men. Cerise befriended her Haley.


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