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Name: Daschael 'Mystical' Bellator Crows Modar

Race: Ali-Maera

Age: Somewhere past 4000

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Height: 5'8"

Build: Slender

Hair: Dark brown with chestnut highlights, waist length

Eyes: Dark Grey, almost black

Identifying marks: Faded bond mark to Cyril Crows, Large rust colored wyvern that covers her entire back and part of her chest, blackened bond mark to An'Thaya

Clothing: Anything lightweight and usually sheer

Abilities: Magic is as natural to her as breathing, she has an amazing power and there isn't much she cannot do.  There is a sense of honor that prevents her from doing some things, though that honor is now twisted and many things fall into grey areas that she can never be sure how she will react. 

Weapons used: Kriss blade, known as Daschae'disdayne, or Serpent of Darkness, to the Ali-Maera. The hilt is carved to look like the neck and head of a cobra rising to strike.  Mystical's hand grips just behind the hood.  There is no guard to keep her hand from sliding onto the blade, but none is needed.  The sword was destined for her, though she never understood all of the reasons until she fought by her husband's side for Corin in the losing battle.

History: Her father disappeared before her second birthday and she always believed him dead.  To this day, she has no knowledge of his first wife, her elder half sisters or that her father lives.  Her mother raised her among the Ali-maera nobility, as befitted the grand-daughter of the highest elder and of the high priest of the dark gods.  When she reached her two hundredth birthday, she went out to live among the other races, to learn about life outside the small, sheltered world she was raised in.  What she learned astounded her.  All her life, she'd been taught the inferiority of other races, but she couldn't see it then.  She loved the way they embraced life, though theirs were short in comparison to her immortality.  And then she met another Ali-Maera, an outcast prince, living in exile.  The elders had cast him out long before her birth.  Being young, and idealistic, it didn't take long before the young Mystical was in love.  She wed Aleric, and became known as an Abjurer, a rebel of the Ali-maera.  She hid this life well from her family, but when time came to return, she would not leave her husband behind.  Alessia then locked Mystical in her childhood chambers and had Aleric captured by the Elders.  He was killed beneath Mysti's own window, in a gruesome death that she could hear and see.  After that, Mystical arranged the death of her mother and fled the home she'd grown up in.  She was an outcast of their world and it really gave her no sadness.  She devoted her life to the side of light, making her journey from temple to temple, learning and studying all she could.  It was at one of these temples, on the small planet of Tristae, that she found the infant elf one morning.  She beseeched the high priest to let her raise the girl, who was left with only a note bearing her name, Brianna, and the clothes she wore. Mystical took the child and traveled to Berelath, there making friends, eventually finding a home on the planet of Whispin.  She took a lover, Galain Alcarin, and bore him twins, Melaina and Conlan Alcarin, before bonding with his wife, the only woman Mystical would ever love.  An'Thaya D'riel was a constant in Mysti's life and often one of the few things that kept the Abjurer grounded in the light. As the twins, and Brianna, grew, Mysti withdrew more and more from them.  Brianna went off to find her past, and found her twin sister and destiny in the arms of Jason Mars Corinth.  Melaina and Conlan grew as well, and as they grew, the Abjurer traveled more.  In these travels, she met Cyril Crows, and she found her second husband.  Mystical bore him two children, Premrose and Leilia, who were often away with their father and the Mage Guild he belonged to.  When word came that he had died, the girls returned, but soon were on their own again.  Finding a home with a mother they barely knew was more difficult than they could imagine and Mysti had her own battles to fight inside her.  In the early days of her bonding to An'Thaya, not long after the Amazon Queen had wed Galain Alcarin, Mystical had run into the face of destiny and she'd fought it ever since.  On a quest to break a spell and save innocent lives, Mystical had found the only man who could truly hold her, and at the same time, he had repulsed her by the twisted darkness within his soul.  Her marriage to Cyril had been the last thread tying her to the light, and when she came up against Tallin Modar a second time, she was left no choice but surrender.  He gave her the option, watch those she considered her nephews die or warm his bed.  His slow seduction drew out the darkness long buried in her soul.  The darkness won out and Mystical was reborn, the bride of the Demon Mage.  Their marriage began on the throne of Corin, still wet with the blood of the innocents who'd died defending the city.  Before the children they'd created the night of their wedding could even be born, they'd been forced back to Tallin's stronghold of Rakka Keep, a continent away from the prize his soul craved.  As a child, rumors abounded about her parentage, but her mother always shushed them with a whisper.  Her birth name was Daschael, daughter of Darkness, but she chose the name Mystical on her naming day (her 150th birthday).  During the battle for Corin, Mystical remembered the rumors and they suddenly made sense.  It was always rumored that her true father was the Darkness himself, known as Daschae among the Ali-maera.  When she finally embraced the whole of her nature, the rainbow swirl in her eyes and the increase in powers brought a sudden knowledge.  She truly was Daschae's daughter.

During the events of Hells Fire, Mystical grew tired of being the trophy wife.  She had always hoped that in time, Tallin would see her strengths and abilities as something to aid him, rather than something to shove aside when he wasn't interested.  When he pushed her aside yet again, she walked away, taking their children to Singing Stones, on the planet of Thitsin.  The political intrigues of the Ali-Maera don't interest her much, but she does amuse herself by playing in the lives of others in the worlds she has previously called home.  Currently, her latest amusement is Count Gaspar Kane, in Sargasso, on Whispin.

Marital Status: Widowed

Children: Melaina and Conlan Alcarin, Amilyn D'Riel, Alatariel (deceased) and Tiwele Modar (deceased), Grendorin (Tallin) Modar (taken by Haldanuru)

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