Character Details - TajalLuna

Written by AkavCreated : 18-Oct-2004 9:44:40 pm
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 Physical Description:
*Name: TajalLuna (Does not have a surname)
Meaning of Name: Eternal Love/ Of The Moon
*Race:  A Dragon Elf (not a shapeshifter or image assuming type but blend of efl and dragon)((originally created on SFV with no links to any other likeness currently known))
*Age: 1,723
Apparent Age (if different): 24
*Height: 5'10"
*Build/Weight: About 140 lbs, full chest and finely defined muscles with zero body fat
*Hair: Raven Black
*Eyes: Lavender
*Complexion: Alabaster White Skin and her wings are the leathery bat-like shape of iridescent white that shimmers with various colors of the rainbow like the opal stone elf and dragon traits fully visible all the time.
*Clothing: black leather shorts and a halter top w/ calf high soft leather boots
*Personal Items usually carried: soft pouch of miscellaneous items
Personal Information:
*Personality: Generally mild tempered but no pushover. Sometimes shy, sometimes bold , and sometimes playful. Generally intelligent but not a know it all
*Occupation: traveler
*Skills and Abilities: Hunting and Battle Skills; Even more skills to be determined
*Weapons Used: A long bow quiver and long hand knife.  She can also handle a sword if she gets one but currently she does not own one
Background Information:
*History: TajalLuna can't seem to recall her own history. She does however remember a blond elf she met who could turn into a dragon, but that is about it.  She is searching for her memories. Upon hearing a rumor about the Ryu Dragons of Grova being Memory Keepers, she  traveled there to seek them.
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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