Character Details - A’Rosht Vlos'vig

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Physical Description:
Name: A'Rosht Vlos'vig
Meaning of Name:
Race: Aerdonian Black Dragon
Age: 5000+
Apparent Age (if different):
*Build/Weight: Muscular, built like a warrior
*Hair: Jet-Black
*Eyes: Onyx
Complexion: Dark Tan
*Identifying Marks (if present): covered in battle scars
Clothing: Scale Armor
Dragon Form:
Length: 50 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: 80 ft
Color: Glossy Black
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality: A typical Black, Rosht thrives on the fire in his blood. He has little to no sense of morality and is prone to violent fits of Rage. His scars are worn with pride, visible evidence of his battle and 'flying' prowess. He will take rather than ask, and has a shoot first, ask questions later mentality. If it moves, it must be edible... right?
*Occupation: Renegade Vor’ill
*Skills and Abilities: Flame and typical Black Dragon Magic
Battle Trained
*Weapons Used: Swords or Scale-Made Blades

Background Information:
*History: Rosht is loyal to Nargus Blackthorn... at least as long as it suits him to be. Or more specifically, to Calla Blackthorn, and through her, to Nargus. He holds a position roughly similar to Black Captain, but such a thing has a scattered meaning among Nargus' troops. The concepts of loyalty, rank and obedience to superiors a foreign concept. Battle is an un-choreographed Rage filled act of instinct rather than an organized military effort.
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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