Character Details - Lunaren Ada Levana Meira

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Physical Description:
*Name: Lunaren Ada Levana Meira
Meaning of Name:
*Race: Schi/Opal Dragon Elf
*Age: 865
Apparent Age: 22
*Height: 5’ 7”
*Build/Weight: slender athletic – 135 lbs
*Hair: White gold
*Eyes: white but appear ice blue (can change with emotion or desired appearance)
Complexion: Ivory
*Identifying Marks : nothing significant
Clothing: Light colored clothing usually tunic and trews but can vary due to circumstances
Personal Items usually carried: two daggers with garnet stones in hilt

Personal Information:

*Personality: curious, helpful, intelligent, trusting
*Occupation: assisting Dhaniell on various tasks in keeping balance

between good and evil influences wherever the need.
*Skills and Abilities: basic Schi
skills with those of dragon
*Weapons Used: daggers, sword, powers basic to Schi when in elf form

Super cold dragon fire when in dragon form

Background Information:

*History: At present I am still trying to figure out this bit of Lunaren. I will however be adding what I come up with as it comes to me.

*Marital Status: engaged to Bryen Urdrul
*Children: none
*Bonds: none

firstborn and daughter of Dhaniell

Sister to Javan

Schi/ dragon elf

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