Character Details - Dothan Cheval

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Physical Description:
*Name:            Dothan Cheval 
Meaning of Name: n/a
*Race: Xue Vampyre  
*Age: unknown
Apparent Age (if different): appears mid thirties
*Height: 5’ 10
*Build/Weight:  well built nicely proportioned  185 lbs  
*Hair: dark chestnut brown
*Eyes: steel gray
Complexion: Light golden tone
*Identifying Marks (if present): tbd
Clothing:  impeccably dressed at all times rarely seen it very casual clothes the lowest his wardrobe has is dress casual
Personal Items usually carried: gold pocket watch, an ebony walking stick with hidden rapier stick handle is silver horse head, small pocket knife, two handkerchiefs – one fancy one plain all have initials sew on. 

Personal Information:
*Personality: level, cool, thoughtful, intellectual, skilled, a force to be reckoned with if goaded enough to anger. Generally sensitive and in tune with the natural environment, can be soft vulnerable or gentle as needed.
*Occupation: raiser and horse trainer, estate owner
*Skills and Abilities: swordsman, art lover, horse whisperer, sailor of sail boats.
*Weapons Used: if any - sword, rapier, six shot revolver only if needed

Background Information:
*History: Dothan was born from a long line of Xue vampyres and grew up on his family estate living there for some time before acquiring accommodation in Xue since his return from traveling. He has led a nobleman’s life for the most part and has traveled the world as a sailor ages ago as well as for pleasure. Tragedy has left him with no known close relatives. Fortune has granted him a very close friend named Kappa who he met when sailing the world. He could be found in either location at any given time as his pastime demand. More will be added as it is revealed.
*Marital Status: bachelor
*Children: none
Siblings: believed to be dead
*Blood or Soul Bonds: tbd


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