Character Details - Domation Stratha

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Domation Stratha


Age: Roughly 8000

Colour: Ebony black

Size: approx. 50 ft snout to rump

Rank: Black Guard Captain


Appearance: mid thirties, with a lean face, high cheekbones, and a fairly arrogant expression. Even his good humour has a cruel edge to it.

Hair: mid-brown

Eyes: dark brown, flecked with green. Greener when his passions are aroused, or enRaged

Build: Lean but heavily muscled, especially in the upper body. There's not the slightest suggestion of softness about his body anywhere.

Height: 6'2"


No immediate family surviving. His father Kehul and his sister Traya died in Nargus's inquisitions. Domation has never bonded or bred, though he's had countless lovers through the years.


Like a typical Black, Domation is passionate and cruel with a fiery personality. He loves a good laugh, always at someone else's expense. He appears to live very much on the outside of his skin, loving to hunt, fight, feed, and mate, though he governs his passions better these days, since Nargus's reign. He's often found in the role of detached, obnoxious spectator, keeping up a running commentary and taking bets. There is an iron core to him which is never touched, which is well-controlled unless he is enRaged. It's this that allows him both to control his wing as Captain, and to submit to the control of his emperor, and the necessary discipline of the Black Guard.

He is oddly watchful and analytical for a Black and he's sometimes accused of being a bit too 'Silver'. The core of coldness and the ability to think things through stem from the deaths of his family.

His interest is only piqued by situations and people he doesn't understand, which are complex. The more obvious someone is, the less he cares. This may explain why the chief focus of his loyalty is Daemon.

His respect is hard-won, but once you have it, you have it forever. He'll protect those he has regard for with everything he has, and if he ever has to change his mind, he'll kill them himself.


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