Character Details - Tre'Ver A'Ren

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Physical Description:
*Name: Tre’Ver A’Ren
Meaning of his name: Moon Runner - Suns Light
*Race: S’Hean Elf
*Age: 6000+
Apparent Age: early twenties
*Height: 6’5
*Build/Weight: Heavy-muscled warrior’s build 250 lbs
*Hair: Wavy Chestnut, worn long
*Eyes: Pale Teal Green - Cat slit
Complexion: Golden-Tan
*Identifying Marks (if present):

Clothing: Black trousers, lace- up shirts, black hunting-boots
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Tre is an open easygoing sort of fellow that makes friends easily. He has lived his entire life in S'Hea, though he was active in the Shattered Web Wars and the battle for The Diirlathe. He has a quick wit and sharp sense of humor, is quite sure of himself and ready to try just about anything.
*Occupation: S’Hean Ranger
Skills and Abilities: Trained Ranger. He is a deadly marksman with a bow, accuracy backed up by heavy muscle mass. The Sword is likely his best weapon however, his weight giving him the advantage most often in close quarters.
Magic isn't a strong point, he can portal if need be, but rudimentary spells are only managed with Rune Magic rather than channeled through his body.
*Weapons Used:
Sword, Bow and Arrow

Background Information:
*History: A dedicated life-time Ranger, Tre’Ver has led an interesting life.
During Shattered Web he shot Tallin Modar in the thigh with an arrow under the orders of An’Thaya D’Riel.
During Laer he was shot out of a catapult with Paiden Trayhan, the pair were caught by a dragon. She had slugged Tre’Ver earlier, and kissed him at some point, leaving him slightly confused.
During Scorched Earth he fell ill with the land and began to change into a Nuru’kh-ai. At this time, just as he started physically changing, he and Paiden became lovers. The healing of the land came just in time to revert his form several months later.
During Hell’s Fire he rode with Galain Alcarin to save Anelain and Kalab Greyford from an elf-hating Lord. Paiden came along, despite orders that no females were to accompany them. Shortly afterwards, Tre asked Paiden to come live with him in S’Hea. The question led to Paiden finding out that she is not truly an Elen, she was adopted.
Marital Status: Involved with Paiden Trayhan
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

· His greatest fault may be an over indulgence in Mai'Tus wine.
· It goes without saying that he loves water and the trees, swimming and Canopy Skimming coming as natural skills.
· Tre also has a love of music and can play the S'Hean equivalent to an acoustic guitar.
· Tre is the one who taught Y'Roden to play the S'Hean Guitar when Ro was around 2100 years old and serving with the Ra'Vidden. Ro's Guitar was a gift from Tre'Ver.

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