Character Details - Acacia Wilde

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Physical Description
Name: Acacia Wilde
Meaning of Name: Wild Thorn
Race: Alti'ui, or Dark Fae
Apparent Age: Late Teens - Early Twenties
Hair: Black, usually worn short in a tousled style
Eyes: Turquoise Blue
Complexion: Porcelain
Height: 8" in fae form, 5' 00" in 'elven'
Build: Delicate, petite
Clothing: Favours dark colours

Personal Information
Personality: Acacia is a spunky individual with a personality that is hard to crush. Like many fae, she enjoys practical jokes, although being a dark fae these are not always harmless and she can be a little malicious and even blood-thirsty on occasion.
Occupation: Spy and messenger
Abilities: In fae form she is tiny, barely 8" in height with ebony wings. Like all of her kind, however, she is able to transform at will to a more elven form. This form has no wings and reaches a petite 5' in height. As such she appears to be as any other Tauremornan elf and this is one way in which the spy can pass undetected through the population. Like all Elemmiiran fae, she possesses innate magical abilities which are closely attached to the world around her. In Acacia's case, she is skilled in the manipulation of Fire and Shadow.
Weapons Used:

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: Acacia is a member of a race rare even in the Tauremorna of Elemmiire. These fragile-seeming beings are the stuff of myth and legend, subservient to the Phantom Queen, Nuuruhuine, and acting as her spies and messengers.

Other Information:
  • The spoken language of the Tauremornan Elves is a bastardised version of the purer Elven spoken by the Elves of the Aarataure, heavily influenced by the Dark Elven language. The musical elven tongue, similar to Terran Irish, is now 'marred' by the harsh clicks and sibilant whispers of the dark elven language.
  • Iron is highly poisonous for a Fae. It will burn if it comes into contact with their skin, and can prove fatal if ingested.

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