Character Details - Aylric Tovenaar

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Physical Description:

FULL NAME: Aylric Cian Tovenaar

GOES BY: Aylric

MEANING OF NAME: Ruler of all Ancient Wizard

RACE: Human

AGE: 38



BUILD/WGHT: Slight, gaunt and frail looking/about 100 lbs.

HAIR: Black-fallen mohawk

EYES: Dark Blue


SOUND OF VOICE: Hoarse Tenor

ACCENT: Slight Irish

I.D. MARKS: Old burn scars on his upper, and lower torso, front and back, upper arms, thighs, legs, the top of his feet, and throat. Has deep set eyes, that sometimes have dark circles around them, as though he doesn't sleep well.

CLOTHING: White long sleeved button down shirt, baggy leatherlike pants, light brown boots that come just below the knees, a long blue coat like cloak with a hood

TATTOOS/PEIRCINGS: Has a tattoo of his ex-guardians symbol on the upper left side of his stomach

PERSONAL ITEMS CARRIED: *Still working on this*

Personal Information:

PERSONALITY: Aylric is a quiet, solemn person, who is very serious minded. He has a very hard time forgiving himself for things that happened in his past, or present, thus seems a bit melancholy. A private person, Aylric doesn't reveal his past to anyone except family, and very close friends. He is a good listener, who chooses his words carefully, before speaking. Lastly, Aylric is a person who doesn't take to change easily, if things change in any way, he gets very nervous, won't speak much, and will take to writing or drawing.


SKILLS/ABILITIES: Aylric is extremely skilled at the use of dark magic. While he knows a little light magic, his skills in this area are poor. He doesn't use his magic unless it is of extreme necessity. He fears using dark magic, knowing what it can do to a person, so he keep a tight control on it.

WEAPONS USED: Carries twin long daggers that were once his father's, but very rarely uses them.

Background Information:

HISTORY: *Re-wording it*

MARITAL STATUS: Widower twice

CHILDREN: 4, Gil (adopted), Quinn, Torin, and Kaitha



Little Known Facts:

1. Alchemy is his hobby
2. He is left handed
3. His eyes turn black whenever he uses magic, or if ever he gets angry
4. He has a tattoo of his ex-guardian's symbol on the upper left side of his stomach. He made a cut through it the day he left the ex-guardian's custody, as a sign of independence.

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