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Name: Tethys Halcyone - means queen of the sea, sea-conceived

Age: appears in her late 20's

Race: Lamerian - means close guardianship of the sea

Sex: female

Height: 5ft 5'

Build: slim, supple

Appearance: Tethys has rich purple-black eyes, shoulder-length, lustrous brown-black hair and a vixen-pointed chin. Tight behind her ears, concealed by the fold of flesh that pins them back, Tethys, like all those of her race has a set of modified gills. These gills are only in use when she is fully immersed in water, and unless someone peeled her ear back to look for it, no one ever notices they are there. Pale skinned and dainty, Tethys exhibits all the qualities of the Lamerian race. Due to their watery life, a Lamerian’s skin is somewhat more tactile, it has a slightly elastic silkiness to it that allows for indefinite immersion without deterioration. Her eyes too, have the added protection of nictitating membranes, a special inner third eyelid, which is drawn across the eyeball when entering salt water.

Personality: Tethys is a prime example of one of the three a-typical Lamerian’s; fixed. Investigative, protective, tenacious, probing, concerned, unshakable, dynamic and understanding of feelings. Like her element, she can be likened to still waters that run deep. The relentless power of water to penetrate and transform even the hardest rock is an excellent metaphor through which to understand the driving passion of Tethys’ personality. Just as stalagtites and stalagmites cannot be prevented from growing, once started, Tethys cannot easily be deflected from her purpose.

Skills/Abilities: Like all Lamerian’s, Tethys is telepathic, extraordinarily talented in both communication and perception through telepathic channels. She can communicate over vast distances (be it above or below water) with members of her close family, her community-at-large and to her personal friends and attendants, the orcas and the dolphins. Of all her race, Tethys’ word is the final word in matters for her people, and as such her talents are largely akin to the depths of the oceans. Patient, eternal and implacable Tethys’ entire focus and concern is for that of her people, their waters, and their protection and her abilities to keep that trust are as immense as the oceans are wide and deep.

Ideals are like stars: you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the ocean desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them, you reach your destiny. - Carl Schurz.

Halcyone Crest

Tethys Halcyone
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