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Name: Nerida Halcyone - means sea nymph, sea-concieved

Age: appears in her late 20's

Race: Lamerian - means close guardianship of the sea

Sex: female

Height: 5ft 5'

Build: slim, supple

Appearance: Nerida has rich purple-black eyes, short, lustrous black hair and a vixen-pointed chin. Tight behind her ears, concealed by the fold of flesh that pins them back, Nerida, like all those of her race has a set of modified gills. These gills are only in use when she is fully immersed in water, and unless someone peeled her ear back to look for it, no one ever notices they are there. Pale skinned and dainty, Nerida exhibits all the qualities of the Lamerian race. Due to their watery life, a Lamerian’s skin is somewhat more tactile, it has a slightly elastic silkiness to it that allows for indefinite immersion without deterioration. Her eyes too, have the added protection of nictitating membranes, a special inner third eyelid, which is drawn across the eyeball when entering salt water.

Personality: Nerida is a classic example of one of the three a-typical Lamerian’s; mutable. Compassionate, trusting, shy, helpful, gentle, loving, creative and understanding. Like her element, she can be likened to a warm, turquoise lagoon, twinkling in the sunshine, or to a strong ocean current rising from the depths to break over a rocky shore, smoothing the pebbles for all time. Mutable means changeable, and like water, Nerida’s moods can change form in many ways: rain, hail, snow, mist, frost, clouds, rainbows, warm pools and puddles…i.e.: it can change a dozen times a day.

Skills/Abilities: Like all Lamerian’s Nerida is telepathic, and her talents exceed to the point where she can commune over vast distances (primarily through water) with not only members of her close family, but with her entire community, and, all mammalian aquatic life. Of her sisters Nerida is perhaps the most attuned to her element in the respect her talents are far-reaching and unrestrained. Like the sea, the depths of her powers are largely unexplorable – they are as fickle as the tides, and as pointless to reason with than a wave.

Halcyone Crest

When you know a thing, to hold that you know it; and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it - this is knowledge. - Confucuis

Nerida Halcyone
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