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Name: Nerissa Halcyone - means daughter of the sea, sea-conceived

Age: appears in her late 20's

Race: Lamerian - means close guardianship of the sea

Sex: female

Height: 5ft 5'

Build: slim, supple

Appearance: Nerissa has rich purple-black eyes, short, lustrous brown-black hair and a vixen-pointed chin. Tight behind her ears, concealed by the fold of flesh that pins them back, Nerissa, like all those of her race has a set of modified gills. These gills are only in use when she is fully immersed in water, and unless someone peeled her ear back to look for it, no one ever notices they are there. Pale skinned and dainty, Nerissa exhibits all the qualities of the Lamerian race. Due to their watery life, a Lamerian’s skin is somewhat more tactile, it has a slightly elastic silkiness to it that allows for indefinite immersion without deterioration. Her eyes too, have the added protection of nictitating membranes, a special inner third eyelid, which is drawn across the eyeball when entering salt water.

Personality: Nerissa is a good example of one of the three a-typical Lamerian’s; cardinal. Tenacious, shrewd, intuitive, kind, compassionate, helpful, protective and with a good memory. Like her element, she can be likened to a safe harbour where boats can take shelter from dangers on the sea of life. Water finds it’s own level – it settles. The metaphorical harbour is the way Nerissa provides a safe and organized place for activity, setting each ship on its allotted place.

Skills/Abilities: Like all Lamerian’s, Nerissa is telepathic, able to communicate with members of her close kin, and other ‘strong-minds’ like herself. Added to this is her bond with her unlikely companion Maenn, a bobcat from the Isle of Lamar. Maenn and Nerissa have a unique understanding for creatures from such disparate worlds, and a part of that understanding is the ability to communicate telepathically together. Like her life-view, Nerissa’s talents are balanced – while she excels in the practical skills of business, economics and public relations, her other talents lie in the realms of dreams, memory and sentiment.

Chase after truth like hell and you'll free yourself, even though you never touch it's coat-tails. - Clarence Darrow

Crest Halcyone

Nerissa Halcyone
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