Character Details - Lirima Lith'Orn

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 23-Sep-2004 9:04:39 pm
Last Edited : 3-Feb-2008 11:17:49 pm

Name: Lirima Lith’orn

Age: 122

Life: Aer’Hon (1)

Height: 4'11

Weight: 98 lbs

Hair Color: Platinum Blond

Eye Color: Green

Race: Felinumeara

Clan: Lion

Bonds: Parental bonds

Body Build: Petite and lithe

Appearance: Lirima or Lira as her friends call her had long flowing semi-wavy platinum bond hair that comes down to just above her bum. Her eyes are almond shaped and ever-changing with her mood, but always some shade of green. She is short standing no taller than five foot one inch, but her build is lean, willowy, and supple like that of an acrobat. Unlike the rest of her clan Lirima’s pelt is nearly white in color.

Lirima wears no clothing as is the custom of her people, but she is usually found wearing her weapons. A braided leather belt is strapped to her waist holding a small dagger of silver with an emerald for the pommel stone. Across her back she wears's her bow made of the bamboo like wood common to the felinumeara and a quiver hollowed out from the same type of wood. All of her arrows are fletched with pink rashiva feathers and made of the same material as her bow and quiver. The only mark on her body is a birthmark on her right hip in the shape of leaf.

Demeanor: Lirima is quite shy when it comes to others. If you are in her family or among her small group of friends then she is quite chatty and fun loving. She loves all things that exist in nature and takes great joy in spending her time out of doors. Most often Lirima can be found wandering about the Kelvarian exploring or hunting when there is a need for fresh meat for the village.

Unlike those of her race males usually cause Lirima to become quite tongue-tied due to her inexperience with them. For some time now she has watched E’Rok Del’Nar trying to get up the courage to actually speak to him, but each time she thinks she has found it it flees with the first step toward the object of her affections.

Abilities: Lirima has the ability to speak with some woodland creatures, as well as all the natural abilities of her race. She is an excellent shot with her bow rarely ever missing, though it can happen, and isn't bad with her knife either. Being a child of the forest Lirima can also track with great proficiency keen sight, hearing, and smell aid her in this.

History: Lirima has no real history at this time as she is incredibly young and I have yet to actually write her.

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