Character Details - Jewel

Written by Drake SilverwingCreated : 13-Sep-2004 5:28:54 pm
Last Edited : 7-Oct-2004 11:53:37 pm

Race: Mer-people

Sex: Female

Height: 7 feet long from tip of tail to top of head in Mermaid form. In human form 5' 8"

Weight: 125

Age: 325 But appears to look in her late teens

Long black straight hair with streaks of blue when the sunlight hits it just right, that flows down to her waist.

Eyes the color of sea green during high tide at dawn, changing with whatever mood she's in, being it dark for angry, light for laughter and a dull green when she pouts. Given her elven blood she is breathtaking beautiful, but she thinks her nose is to small.

And her ears are too big!

Her skin is that of coral blue with a silver tint highlighted by her soft, smooth skin and radiant smile. She is well developed, wearing nothing but a small pendent of coral around her neck, carved from coral in the likeness of her goddess. She wears no shells across her full breasts for she had not mated, nor has yet to find a mate that has caught her eye. Her tail is long and flowing, her scales that of green and blue that sparkle in the clear waters of the sea as she swims about. She is the daughter of King Rasier, her mother the Queen Lilith.....

Their only child born to date.

On land her tail changes to that of two legs, her skin shifts to a butter rich tan, almost copper like. She wears a sleeveless shirt made from the skin of a seal, and black pants made of the same. Around both arms are a set of gauntlets, forged from two tarnished brass bells. The gauntlets split when ever she is in need of her fins that flow out from her wrist, while the shirt hides the large dorcal fin that rises up from the center of her back. She walks barefooted, leaving no footprints, in sand or on dry land.

Her only weapon is a three forked trident, its tines covered in fire coral. Once the tines strike the fire coral breaks away, turning the victims blood to boiling, burning him or her from the inside out. Few survive! Also the fins on her wrists, and back are sharp, the spiney bones are barbed at the ends, ripping skin and muscle from bone, like a hot dagger to butter.

Raised as the only daughter to the king and queen, Jewel has had little time to explore the vast seas. She has been schooled in the finest arts, has a beautiful voice, and can speak with most of the creatures of the sea, when she puts her mind to it. Always guarded, she lives the life of a princess.

But there are times she's able to escape the confines of the city and explores the open waters... While her own personal bodyguard looks for her.

Soon she will learn that the seas carry a heavy price for living there, as do the dry lands above.

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