Character Details - Meridyth Braungaine

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Physical Description:

*Name: Meridyth Braungaine
*Race: ¾ Human ¼ Elf (Tauremornan)
*Age: 28 (Gassi Warda)
*Height: 5’5”
*Build: Lithe, good muscle tone
*Weight: 125lbs
*Hair: Burnished Copper
*Eyes: Blue/Green depending on mood
Complexion: Normally - Peaches n Cream. After living in Brinum – lightly tan
*Identifying Marks (if present): Long white scar stretching across the tops of her breasts from armpit to armpit.
*Clothing: Form fitting silk halter-tops with matching Arabian style harem pants. Over the top of this is a loose fitting iridescent robe like gown in a contrasting color slightly transparent and made of a fine silken chiffon fabric that is belted at the waist. The gown is constructed in such a way as to resemble a circle dress without encumbering her arm movement.

*Personal Items usually carried: Hoop earrings, bracelets, and anklets all with tiny bells on them. Small silver disk from Kellin De'Strana she had made into a charm bracelet on her left wrist.

Personal Information:

*Personality: Meri has always had a very strong will, however, she has learned that life is not easy and sometimes you must bend.
*Occupation: Princess ?
*Skills and Abilities: Meridyth is educated in all the skills needed to run a household as well as the arts of dancing, horseback riding, languages, reading, and writing. She can practice all of this with ease and proficiency hardly ever missing a step. In addition she is also very skilled with daggers both throwing them and using them in close combat since having conned her brother into teaching her how.

In the recent past Meri has also been trained in selecting and purchasing, handling, gutting, boning, filleting, and displaying, fish having worked a as fishmonger. She’s also learned to knit wool, darn socks, cook, and keep basically keep house.
*Weapons Used: Daggers

Background Information:

*History: Meri was born the bastard daughter of the Emir of Teklan, Tariq ben Hassen and his beloved mistress Aoife Braungaine. She spent the first twenty years of her life living in the palace being guarded at all times by four men hand picked by her father. The Captain of her guard, Kaufka ben Sherome, became like a father to her and a trusted friend.

At the age of twenty Meri learned of a special pearl in her father’s possession. With a lot of snooping and conning her brother Quince in to helping her get information about this pearl Meri learned that it had been stolen, so to speak, from the merpeople. Determined to return it to it’s rightful owners she eventually hooked up, by way of X’Hart K’Tral who was in Teklan negotiating a trade agreement with the Emir, with the group of people who were trying to recover the Green Pearl.

After helping to steal the pearl right out from under her father’s nose Meri knew that she could not remain in Teklan for fear of her father’s wrath and the punishment that was sure to be harsh perhaps even costing her her life. With her brother Quince and every faithful captain of her guard Kaufka Meri managed to escape Teklan and ended up living in the the Dutchy of Galiland in the town of Brinum where she got a job with Kaufka as a fishmonger.

While there was attacked by a man named Harmon MacGrady whom she effectively dispatched. In defending herself, however, Meri was cut across her chest with a boning knife leaving her with a startling and obvious scar across her chest.

With the death of her brother Quince Meri returned home to find her mother also dead. After being confined to the harem and Kaufka being imprisoned for helping to steal the pearl, running off with the Emir’s daughter, and living with her for the last seven years.

After two visits from her good friend Salome ben Issa Meri talks with her father, the Emir of Teklan, and trades her freedom for Kaufka's as well as Lech (a friend of Salome's).  The price for their release is that Meri must agree to be betrothered and married to a man of her father's choosing.

Upon receiving permission to go to The Phoenix to say good-bye to the father of her heart Meri is greated by Kellin De'Strana and given a small silver disk that will act as a homing beacon.  Kellin swears to her that if she should ever need help just to push the center of the disk and he will come to her aid. 

A year later Meridyth finds herself on the verge of being betrothed to Neirin Kereara, and Aarataurean Lord that she is quicklly beginning to have feelings for.

*Marital Status: Single
*Children: N/A
*Blood or Soul Bonds: N/A


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