Character Details - Lolindir Elanesse

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If you have a question regarding this character please message Willow Silverwing a the Bardic Web.

If you have a question regarding this character please message Willow Silverwing a the Bardic Web.

Lolindir Elanesse


Height:  8 feet long in merman form.  In human form he will be 6’ 2”

Weight:  In human form around 175lbs to 180 lbs

Age:  Appears to be in his late 20s

Black unruly hair that flows in the water no matter how much he tries to wear it in the customary fashion of being pulled back and secured with a shell.  On land it will still be unruly, very curly and long.

His eyes are the color of the sea in the morning when the sun first hits the waves, a light shade of aquamarine, they clash with the rest of his appearance.  When he looks at you, you feel he has seen your soul.  Rather than being described as handsome one would say his is striking with his elven features  His skin underwater is the color of greens and blues. But because he likes to disguise himself and blend into his surrounding you will find him appearing in shades of brown with only his eyes peering out.
His has broad shoulders and muscles that ripple.  His chest is broad but has a scar over the heart where a spear pierced him as a child.

Clothing attire:  In the ocean, nothing.  On land, he will wear dark brown pants, but no shirt.  Around his neck he wears a gold chain that has a pendant attached in the shape of a starfish.  If you look closely you will see at the end of each tentacle a small gem: a black pearl, a diamond, an emerald, a ruby and an opal.  Each stone holds a piece of a secret that identifies who he is. Also attached to that chain is a shell carved in the likeness of his goddess.  He also wears a pair of gauntlets on his wrists. 

Weapons:  Lolindir carries the spear pierced his heart as a child.  His aim is deadly.  Across his back he carries a rapier shaped weapon that slices through its target without the person being attacked feeling it until he sees his own blood dripping. 

His history:  For as long as Lolindir can remember he has lived in the household of the Earfalas.  King Earfalas had been on an expedition to a city that had been discovered only to find that he and the warrior’s who had come on a friendly mission arrived to find that the city and all of its inhabitants had been destroyed.  All except for a young boy, Lolindir.  Seeing that the boy was still alive he took him back to his home.    The elder Earfalas never made any mention as where in the city the boy had been found. And the only item he brought back with the boy is the pendant that he wears that had been found in the hand of a merwoman that lay dead next to him.

He was raised as the adopted son of the Earfalas family and given the finest education. He has also been trained to be a warrior and though he was thought to be an outsider and because of his strange ways of changing color he has won the heart of all those who know him. 

He has yet to find a mate not because the merwomen haven’t tried to lure him away.  His vow to the King has always come first to watch over and protect Jewel.   He has always treated her as a sister though there have been moments when he has watched others observe her from afar that stirrings of other feelings have surfaced only to be quashed by the remembrance of his promise to protect to her.  When she was born Lolindir swore an oath to her father that he would always be her protector and friend.  

As time has passed on he now realizes what a big responsibility that is.  Though she is an obedient daughter she is also adventuress and he has spent most of his time chasing after her as she slips away to find adventure on his own.


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Kenny G and artwork by David Delamare