Character Details - Jhanniss Kent'tar

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Physical Description
Name: Jhanniss, of the House of Kent'tar
Meaning: Warded Gambler of the House that is Sworn to Victory
Race: Elemmiiran Drow
Age: 100 years old
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Hair: White, Jaw length
Eyes: Lavender
Skin: Ebony
Height: 5' 0"
Build: Petite
Identifying Marks:

Personal Information
Personality: Like most of her race, Jhanniss is ruthless and aggressive. This viciousness is bred into the bone by the often lethally competitive nature of Drow society. Delighting in the pain of others, she has a distinct sadistic streak that is not uncommon amongst her kind. She is ambitious both for herself and for her House.
Rank: Heir Presumptive of House Kent'tar
Skills and Abilities: Jhanniss's delicate frame is deceptive. She comes from a race that is stronger than it appears, able to move with elven grace and speed. Her eyes are adapted to spending a lot of time below ground and so she has excellent night vision. On the other hand this also makes her sensitive to bright light, especially sudden flares. She has been educated from an early age to be the likely successor to the Head of House, being taught such subjects as religious doctrine, combat manoeuvres and other fighting skills, literacy, mathematics, alchemy and natural history. She is skilled in spells of both attack and defence, these including her innate ability to produce darkness, flames and dancing lights. She is also a skilled illusionist, able to fool the eye and other senses, and shape-shifter.
Weapons Used: Scimitar, Whip, Crossbow, Poison.

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: Jhanniss was born in the Drow port of Hedjek, located beneath the Amar'an Mountains on Elemmiire, where the House of Kent'tar holds a position of some influence. As the oldest girl, she is the presumed heir to the Head of the House, which gives her a significant amount of power, both within the House and within Hedjek.

Other Information:

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