Character Details - Khatalyst

Written by RuneBardCreated : 4-Sep-2004 9:03:23 am
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Name: Khatalyst

Age: indeterminate

Sex: male

Race/Creature: gryphon

Appearance: Khatalyst as a gryphlet (baby-adolescent gryphon) is a sandy, dusty colour, from his down speckled wings down to his lion tail, his eyes are a golden colour like that of eagles. As he grows, his eyes will change to a powdered blue, his lower torso redden somewhat and his crest darken. Khatalyst later learns to dye his feathers, making his crest a deeper blue than his eyes, and enhancing the depth of red in his wings and torso.

Personality: Khatalyst is mayhem, comedy and sarcasm incarnate, he is a catalyst. Vain, proud and a hopeless romantic Khatalyst will poke his beak into people’s personal issues without compunction, considering it his natural right – he knowing what was best for people in these matters of course!

[work in progress]


With stupidity, the God's Themselve's contend in vain. - Freiderich von Schiller

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