Character Details - Dæll Frà neygr

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Name: Dæll Frà neygr – means gentle and easy to deal with, with flashing eyes.
(Day-ell Frah-knee-gur)
Age: apparently about 26
Race: appears human
Sex: female
Height: 5ft 3’
Build: slight, appears quite frail
Appearance: Dæll has long black hair and luminous deep violet eyes that are invariably flashing with mirth. Light bones and a heart shape face graced with full lips give her a frail seeming look, in reality she is incredibly strong – a legacy of her unusual upbringing. Customarily garbed in black, tight clothing – often displaying her flat tanned midriff, Dæll cuts a dazzling, intriguing figure.
Personality: Dæll is friendly and easygoing, with a bright, winning smile and lightning quick wits. She was found lost and wandering by a Clan of Dwarves and swiftly adopted by the sturdy race when she proved to be both comely and tractable – and more importantly responded to all the same things a dwarven kinder would. Dæll's adoptive Clan named her part in jest and part in superstition, a fact she doesn’t mind in the slightest, in fact she wears it with a great deal of pride. Raised with such a rowdy muscular race Dæll swiftly learnt to hold her own in drinking, brawling, arguing and smithing, all of which forged strength in her bones and blood, and sharpened her tongue… a combination that sometimes gets her into trouble.
Skills/weapons: Dæll carries a wicked looking Battle-Axe and she knows well how to use it, her fighting style might lack a great deal of finesse, but her sheer savagery and determination when she has the weapon in her hand oft times evens out that lack of style. As a result of whatever wild blood running through her veins, Dæll has a few rather unusual abilities. The first manifested early in her childhood and was something encouraged by her dwarven family to the point she has it down to a fine art – Dæll can sense fire, be it lava flow, bush fire or a gas build up inside stone, sense it long before it reaches a critical proportion in most cases. The second is a somewhat more unpredictable talent, and one Dæll oft times has little warning off – she can transmutate most carbon based things, ie: dirt, rock, ore, trees….
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Dæll Frà neygr - Dwarven Raised
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