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Long have I wandered only to find myself back at the beginning.

Full Name: Vilyahir Celeblasse
Translation: Sky Lord Silverleaf
Nick Names: Sky
Height: 6 foot 10 inches
Eyes: Meadow Green
Hair: Golden blond with silver highlights
Age: 5878 (As of Scorched Earth)
Race:  Taurësúlë/Sildanai

Appearance: Vilyahir is a throw back to a Norse human ancestor from hundreds of generations back when part of the family originated on Terra, as a result he is one of the few living members of the family with a beard and golden hair which he wears shoulder length as the waviness that is known to his family with a braid peeking out on the left side.  His pointed ears are typically hidden under his hair.


He dresses simple in leather pants and an off white swordsman shirt that is typically left open.  His weapon of choice is typically a broad sword with a leaf shaped blade and a dagger of a matching style.  He wears the traditional silver band engraved with silver leaves on the middle finger of his right hand.

Personality: Vilyahir, or sometimes referred to simply as Sky, has a light sense of humor but can become almost deathly serious when the situation calls for it.  He has the temperament that the Silverleaf men are known for and often becomes broody when he feels some line has been crossed and its up to you to realize what line as he isn’t likely to tell you.  If you haven’t gotten it figured out about the time he strikes then it’s your problem. 

History: Vilyahir grew up in Gala Nodel but always itched to see the rest of the worlds to find out what they were about.  A week or so after the night that his sister, her husband and his mother died, Sky and his father had a fight over the remaining survivor of their family Shadow.  Sky felt as though his father wasn’t raising the elfling right and after a heated discussion, left and was never heard from again for several years.  After Shadow took over as the leader of the Taurësúlë Nation he turned up on occasion but never stuck around until after the raid that left his niece a widow.  Vilyahir stepped up to take his niece’s place until she figures she can handle the responsibility once again, however it looks as though Vilyahir may have a long weight a head of him.

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