Character Details - La'Tah K'Tral

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 16-Aug-2004 3:28:04 am
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Name: La’Tah K’Tral

Age: 560

Height: 6’0

Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Clear Blue

Clan: Tiger

Life: D'Tra (2)

Body Build: Sleek

Bonds: Fe’La (all of her children), Aer’Fei’Kno ~ Jax K’Tral (nephew)

Home World: CathEska

Occupation: Shia Of Wanderers

Appearance: The first thing most about La’Tah is that she is covered in a pelt with tiger markings that’s texture and appearance are much like that of a seal. It is smooth and sleek to the touch, but also keeps her dry during the rainy seasons of CathEska and warm during the coolness of these seasons as well. Her build is curvaceous and sleek showing well toned muscled without a hint of fat anywhere. Angular features are framed in her mass of fiery read hair usually worn loose unless she is working on something then it is tied back into a long braid down her back.

The second thing usually noticed about this older sister of Rhiannon is the clear piercing gaze of her eyes. There is an air about La’Tah that speaks of a serious minded individual who puts up with no shenanigans when there is work to be done. When she looks at you it is usually with an expression in the depths of those eyes that says, Can we please get back on track here, if you are working otherwise her expression is usually unreadable though her eyes have been known to make one feel as if they are being tested on something and just don’t know what.

Demeanor: As I stated above La’Tah is a no nonsense kind of girl. She believes in doing a job correctly the first time and reaching goals set for oneself without being side tracked. However, as the Shia of Wanderers there is also a curious streak to La’Tah that she tries to keep under control when in the village as it usually leads to her not accomplishing anything at all.

Abilities: As with all felinumeara La’Tah is accomplished in the tooth and claw method of fighting as well as the long knife, throwing daggers, bow, and spear. She has average hunting, tracking, and dressing abilities in addition to her keen sense of smell, hearing, and sight. Also as those of her race La’Tah is possessed of superb night vision as well as the ability to switch her vision from the normal spectrum to the infrared. In addition if there is a scent that is unknown to her there are glands on the roof of her mouth that when air passes over them La’Tah can determine from taste what race and gender the scent belongs to.

History: La’Tah has explored many different worlds learning many different things about life outside her own world. Due to this life style she has never mated and rarely has she given into to the demands of lei’akoh. Those children she has produced have been named after worlds that she found most fascinating.


Terra K’Tral ~ A’Nar Ver’Oon ~ Felinumeara~ 395

A’Osh Es’Tro ~ Sha’Cor Es’Tro ~ Felinumeara ~ 280

Grallion Lai’Ome ~ Vaer’Kah Lai’Ome ~ Felinumeara ~ 195

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