Character Details - F'Nor, B'Nor, & Z'Nor K'Tral

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Age : 605

Height: 6'2

Weight: 225lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Mate: None

Life: Aer'Hon (1)

Home Planet: CathEska

Home World: CathEska

Bonds:The nature of their bond with each other makes it difficult for the triplets to form bonds with others.

They do, however, share Fe'Lo with each of their daughters, though it is an odd blending of three souls to one.

Appearance: Standing six foot two inches the triplets tall frames are solid sculpted muscle that shows through their tiger pelts.  They have navy eyes that appear to be almost black at times standing out among their strong features.  Their black hair is kept short instead of long as most other males and tends to flop over in the front as their bangs or fringe is kept a bit longer than normal.

Demeanor: The triplets are very enigmatic and hard to read as far as their personality goes.  They seem to be helpful, informative, and observant, however, more than that cannot be said for sure due to the nature of the entwining of their souls it is extremely difficult if not impossible to tell what trait belongs to who as they all tend to bleed together.

Abilities: The Triplets have been trained as all other felinumeara in the art of hunting, tracking, weaponry, tooth & claw, as well as the finer arts of weaving, dying, and carpentry.  They have no remarkable skills to speak of save the fact that as a group they are force to be recorded with.  Separate them, however, and you have three children in adult bodies unable to think past the fact they are without a necessary piece of their soul and thus unable to function at all.

History: As F'Nor, Z'Nor, & B'Nor are fairly new to me and not well defined in my mind they have no history at this time to speak of.  I will, however, be updating them as they become less enigmatic and allow me to see into who they truly are.


As the triplets move, think, speak, and in all ways live as one person they also have served as Shia'Kno as one person.  Due to the very nature of their existence none can say who fathered the children that have resulted from them serving in The Temple.  To compensate for this lack of knowledge all three males are listed as fathers to resulting children.  It is also attributed to the total unity of the triplets that all three pregnant females went into labor at the same moment, gave birth at the same moment, and in the same place making it possible for all three men to be present at the births of their children.  As a felinumeara’s soul will bond with the first male it comes in contact with upon birth each child was allowed to choose whom they would bond with and it is assumed that they chose the male who fathered them. 

Shaeliana shares Fe’Lo with F’Nor

Daelianna shares Fe’Lo with Z’Nor

Raelianna shares Fe’Lo with B’Nor

Full Blood Siblings 

Donal(Doe Nal) ~ Brother ~ 625

Perzivo(Purr Zee Voe) ~ Brother ~ 620

Vayon (Vay On) ~ Brother ~ 615

Jerom (Ger Ome) ~ Brother ~ 610


C'Yant(See Yant) ~ Brother ~ 600

Ianna (Eye Anna) ~ Sister ~ 595

E'Nall (EE Nall) ~ Brother ~ 590

Na'Rune(Nah Rune) ~ Brother ~ 585

Shanata(Shah Not Ah) ~ Sister ~ 580

Wyanth (Why Anth) ~ Brother ~ 575

X'Hart (Zah Heart) ~ Brother ~ 570

La'Tah (Lay Tah) ~ Sister ~ 565

Hebren (Heb Ren)~ Brother ~ 560

Yorr (Your) ~ Brother ~ 555

Uv'Nova(You've Nova) ~ Sister ~ 550

Anarra (Ah Nar Ra) ~ Sister ~ 545

Gregor ~ Brother ~ 540

Quince (Qwence) ~ Brother ~ 535

M'Yalla (May Alla) ~ Sister ~ 530

Olwan (OL Win) ~ Sister ~ 525

Ke'Leit(Kay Leet) ~ Sister ~ 520

Teleana(Tel EEna) ~ Sister ~ 515

Rhiannon (Rye Ah Non) ~ Sister ~ 510

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