Character Details - X'Hart K'Tral

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Name: X'Hart K'Tral (Za Hart Ka Tral)

Age: 570 (Green Pearl) 572 (Katta'Um)
Height: 6’3”

Weight: 275 lbs

Eyes: Clear Blue

Clan: Tiger

Life: Ce'Yar (3)

Bonds: Neuth'Ra ~ Salome ben Issa, Aer'Fei'Kno ~ Rhiannon (sister), Aer'Tamdo ~ Trau'gh Maulanna

Appearance: X’Hart’s sleek well-muscled body is covered with a pelt of orange with onyx stripes except for the area around the tip of his nose, mouth, and chest, which are pure white. The feel of his pelt is smooth being like that of a horse, but with a velvet soft feel to it. Clear blue eyes usually dance with good-natured merriment, however, when angry clear blue turns to cobalt, as his eyes seem to pierce the very soul of whomever they happen to fall upon. Generally X’Hart exudes an air acceptance, ease, and reliability that make him easy to get along with and also to trust.

Demeanor: Usually a laid back easing going person X’Hart is not one to shun duty or responsibility both things he tends to take very seriously. However, as with all felinumeara the tiger males first and foremost loyalty is to his goddess The Great Weaver believing fully in the three sacred laws of his people:

1) No Felinumeara shall kill except for food or in defense.

2) Never breed with any other clan except your own.

3) Embrace your emotions and live in each moment as if it were your last.

After her loyalty to The Great Weaver X’Hart gives all that he has to her family … there is nothing he would not do for them.

Being the son of a Del’Shia X’Hart is obligated to take part in the government of his people making sure that guest as well as those young who have come to the central village to be taught by the Shia’s are housed and cared for along with his own large family. It has also been known to happen that Jusnar Shiala Musra or Clan Chief of Tiger Clan calls on X’Hart to mediate disputes, run inventory in the store house, and on the odd occasion deal with trade negotiations.

Due to these duties X’Hart has gained a better knowledge of the world beyond his village then most other felinumeara. For the most part though X’Hart’s life view is black and white, however, he is willing to accept that when other cultures come into his visual scope there can be varying shades of gray. Always he tries to be fare weighing each person he meets on his or her own merit. As with most other’s of his race X’Hart enjoys the simple pleasures of peace and family that life has to offer, but he also has no issue facing the challenges of life head on and doing whatever is needed no matter the cost so that he can get back to doing what he enjoys most.

Abilities: X’Hart’s fighting skills are superb. He is proficient in the tooth and claw as well as the long knife, short sword, hand-to-hand, both short and long bows, and several different forms of martial style fighting. An excellent hunter/tracker and his prey seldom gets away. As with all felinumeara he has heightened senses of smell, hearing, and sight this last allowing him to change from the normal spectrum of view to the infrared in the dark to pick out heat signatures. Along with his improved senses his felinumeara heritage also gives him remarkable dexterity and climbing abilities.

History: In his more recent history X’Hart has traveled to the planet of Elemmiire and more specifically to the city of Teklan to negotiate trade with the Emir. During the course of these negotiations the tiger male met Salome ben Issa who captivated him instantly. In addition he also met Roan Slaynor(whom for a while he was convinced was his god Chronos travling incognito), Conor Urdrul, Desiree Bree, Jewel Earfalas, and Lolindir Elanesse. Through the course of his meeting these unique individuals X’Hart discovered that they were all looking for a magnificent Green Pearl. Having information on the matter from the Emir’s daughter, Meridyth, X’Hart found himself drawn into helping the companions.

When his adventures on Elemmiire were done X’Hart returned to CathEska with a heavy heart, as he had been loath to leave Salome. It seemed the world around him had dimmed considerably without her sweet face and unique view. Eventually, however, Salome appeared in CathEska and in that moment X’Hart knew he would never let her go again thus the two were mated.

Full Blood Siblings

Donal, Perzivo, Vayon, Jerom, F'Nor, Z'Nor, B'Nor, C'Yant, Ianna, E'Nall, Na'Rune, Shanata, Wyanth, X'Hart, La'Tah, Hebren, Yorr, Uv'Nova, Anarra, Gregor, Quince, M'Yalla, Olwan, Ke'Leit, Taleana, and Rhiannon

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