Character Details - Cullen Havenlock

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Physical Description:
*Name: Cullen Havenlock
Meaning of Name:
*Race: Corinian Human / S’Hean Elf
*Age: 3600+
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
*Height: 6’5
*Build/Weight: Heavy-muscled Warrior’s build 300 lbs
*Hair: Chestnut – worn long
*Eyes: Myrtle Green
Complexion: Golden Tan
*Identifying Marks (if present): None
: Black and Rust Livery or Black leather trousers, lace up shirts, black hunting boots
Personal Items usually carried:
Oval Locket
Elven Knot Pendant
Gold Ring
S'Hean Wedding Cuff - Right Bicep (Deep Emerald and Sapphire Blue stones)

Personal Information:
Personality wise he has a sharp wit and easy sense of humour -- on the flip side of the coin -- he has a snap temper.
*Occupation: Captain/General of Corin
*Skills and Abilities:
A massive fellow, Cullen is the type of fighter that is of the opinion than anything within reach is a potential weapon. Though trained with various types of weaponry, his favourite is the hand and a half sword. Of course, anything will do in a pinch, and if that doesn’t work, he is perfectly capable of killing an enemy with his bare hands.
He has basic S’Hean Rune Magic skill and is able to cast a portal, but he has no interest in anything beyond that.

*Weapons Used:
Hand and a Half Sword or anything else within reach

Background Information:
Cullen Havenlock was born in Tenobrous to a human father, and an S’Hean mother. He has been Captain of Corin’s guard for two thousand years and is unshakably loyal to the D’Riel Clan.

Ten years before the war in Corin, Cullen took a human wife. She and their five-year-old daughter were murdered by Nuru’kh-ai during Tallin Modar’s invasion
Several years after his wife's death he struck up a friendship with Rhiannon K'Tral. They became lovers for a time when her 'heat' started, but Cullen will never love her as anything more than a friend.
A short time later, he fell for Kara Little, an Elven Healer who had been helping him care for his children in Rihannon's absence. The became lovers and, after she became pregnant with twins, Cullen asked her to marry him.
A short time later, Cullen was severely injured and his children by Rhiannon were killed in an Aethyr explosion in S'Hea as they were crossing the wards.

*Marital Status: Married: Kara Little
*Children: Hettie (deceased), Rennon(deceased), Raellon(deceased), Kull and Lera
*Blood or Soul Bonds:
Aer’Tamdo ~ Mark Of Friendship bond to Rhiannon Breyher.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • Cullen wears a silver chain with an oval locket around his neck. It belonged to his first wife. He found the necklace with what little was left of her after she was attacked by the Nuru'Kh-ai and died defending their daughter. Within the locket is a bloody lock of Hettie's hair.
  • Cullen wears an elven knot given to him by Kara Little. The pendant belonged to her father. The pair discovered it in a novelty shop in Corin after it had been lost for years.
  • Cullen and Kara share a little home near the back gates of Corin
  • Cullen's soul is a deep green. Unlike other S'Heans his eyes do not match the colour of his soul, he was born in Tenobrous and had no contact with S'Hea until he was about 500 years old. His eyes will change colour gradually over time, having lightened from black to warm brown to Myrtle-Green since he was brought out of Tenobrous.
  • Cullen and Kara's children are twins. Kull is a boy, Lera is a girl.

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