Character Details - Toryn K'Tral Black

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Age: 290

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 175 lbs

Eyes: Clear Blue

Clan: Tiger

Race: Human/Felinumeara

Life: Aer'Hon (1)

Bonds: Fe’La ~ Rhiannon K'Tral

Home World: CathEska

Occupation: Shia Maijar ~ Disciplines

Toryn, unlike his brother and sister, shows his entire felinumeara heritage with his white blond pelt and tiger stripes that are so light they appear to be more shadows of stripes than actual stripes. If this doesn’t strike you as odd then his clear blue eyes will with their ability to feel as though they are looking strait through you as well as the fact their clarity is like that of a mountain lake. Long white blond hair it cut short up over the ears and down the back with enough length on the top so that bangs create a sort of flop effect. Like Rhyan and Tia Toryn’s facial features are all sharp angles and hard lines, though, they are also extremely hard to read as this younger son of Tobin Black never gives his emotions away preferring to only share them with those they are connected with.

Being one of the chosen as a Shia Maijar Toryn takes his duties both to his people and the Del’Felina very seriously often going above and beyond what anyone would have expected of him to get the job done. As the disciplines are what Toryn is proficient at it is no small wonder that he is well controlled and always thinks out every situation to its logical conclusion. However, this is not to say that Toryn does not do things on impulse as he has been known to a time or two.

Toryn is fiercely loyal to his family as well as those he considers to be friends regardless of the degree of friendship that is held. He can be depended upon to do exactly what he says he will do and usually goes beyond what is asked just to make sure that all bases are covered. His need to make sure a job is completed to the best of his ability is so strong that often Toryn will stay beyond dusk well into the wee hours of morning going over every possible angle of a problem or task just to make sure nothing was missed, mistaken, or confused.

It is due to these qualities that Toryn is not one to hurry to make attachments of any kind. Viewing the act of Neuth’Ra as something sacred and precious Toryn holds out to make this commitment for the one female that can make him burn like no other. Be that as it may Toryn does have one child, Lissette, who was the product of a brief period he served as shia’kno at the temple before the Del’Shia was instructed to remove him from service for reason unknown to all except The Weaver. Lissy is the pride and joy of Toryn’s life and the only time he is not with her is when duty’s call is much too strong for him to ignore, though, often he takes her with him as he goes about attending things. The time Toryn spends with Lissy is dedicated to showing her the world in which she lives, explaining the work he is doing as well as the purpose behind it educating her beyond what is expected of a felinumeara child to learn. When in her company and free of responsibility the normally reserved male goes through a drastic transformation. No longer is he serious with an expression that is impossible to read, but he becomes mush freer with, laughing and playing as if he had not a care in the world and can see the world perfectly through the eyes of his child.

Due to his view on work, duty, and family it is no surprise that Toryn has never gone to explore beyond the boundaries of the Kelvarian. This is not to say that if the Del’Felina sent him far from home he would not go, only that if such should happen the third son of Rhiannon would not be at all pleased about having to leave all he holds dear behind, but especially his Lissy.

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