Character Details - I'Solde Meara

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Name: I'Solde Meara (Eye Sold)

Age: 340


Weight: 175lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Slate Blue

Life: Aer'Hon (1)

Body Build: Broad, Strong, Lean

Bonds: Aer'Fei'Kno ~ Jax K'Tral (brother)

Appearance: Standing at six foot one I'Solde is exceptionally tall for a woman, however this doesn’t detract from her beauty in the slightest. Black hair is worn short framing her roundish face bringing out he blue of her eyes. Being the daughter of a tiger felinumeara and a mountain man she looks wholly human showing none of her feline genes.

As she has no fur to speak of I'Solde most commonly is seen wearing a soft doe skin bikini style top with a mini skirt tied at the sides, although, she was raised in the felinumearan way wearing cloths just seems more correct to her as she doesn't quite fit in with the rest of her family and friends. I'Solde claims two different distinguishing marks the first being a medium sized tear drop shaped birthmark on her right hip the other being light scars that show white on the undersides of both for arms. The go cross ways across the tender flesh extending from wrist to elbow and are the only visible singe of her completing the ritual of Ji'Oose Trau'nar, The Long Night, to obtain adult status within the clan having failed her Jumi.

Demeanor: Sweet tempered and sweet natured I'Solde has spent most of her time helping her brother Jax look after fei and run errands for the village. She also has a love of her family and has taken it upon herself to make sure Jax's takes care of himself as well.

Being also kind and giving I'Solde has been known to spend quite a bit of time tending to those who are sick or ailing, thought most of the felinumeara culture are naturally healthy there are a few ailments that plague them from time to time. When she is not doing this or helping her brother she can be found in the jungle indulging in her love of plants.

Abilities: Being of a no aggressive nature I'Solde paid only enough attention in her weapons and fighting lessons to be able to defend herself or her family. However, her love of plants has given her herbalists abilities. There is not a plant on the whole of CathEska that I'Solde doesn't know by sight as well as what it's uses are and how best to use it when needed.

History: I'Solde has spent her entire life on CathEska in service to her people, family, and The Weaver. She has recently nated with Adrian Silverbow and is currently expecting their first child.

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