Character Details - Lacia Del'Atria

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Age: 275
Race: Felinumeara (feline elf)
Gender: female
Clan: Cheetah

Serving The Weaver as Shia Elite I am servant and daughter to my goddess and my Del'Shia. I honor my clan and my village. I am keeper of the histories of my people and aid in the trainings of the young. I have served my goddess in many tasks and will do so again. Of my nine lives I have eight left. I have the strength and speed commensurate with my heritage but no other special talents. I tend to be sharp of tongue and yet quite passionate in all things I choose to do. I do not make new friends easily but once a friend I am very loyal. I am not easily taken in a battle and my claws my primary weapon. I can be injured even killed and must return to Felinda to receive Astra'Ka the restoring to life should a death claim one of my lives.


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