Character Details - Cassiopia Darkheart

Written by AkavCreated : 12-Jul-2004 12:22:26 am
Last Edited : 12-Jul-2004 12:23:23 am

6’5’’ tall
ever alert with a keen sense of the shadows.
Can detect heat patterns long after those passing have left them.
Highly skilled with any sort of hand weapons
Uses magic when it suits her.

Classic Drow with the silver white hair, ebony skin, long slender fingers and pewter colored eyes the will flare to red when provoked. Cass was in the temple of Lloth for many years being groomed to rise among that community. While she has been a follower of Lloth she decided early that the priesthood wasn’t her chosen path. She chose to lead raids on the upper elves becoming quite skilled at the hunt. Those that were not killed outright were buried deep in the Drow mines to live out an existence supplying their captors with the unique ore used to forge the variety of weapons used by the Drow.

Well on her way to forming her name and house Cass would have become a formidable matron and events not changed her unexistence forever. On one of those many raids Cass was knocked unconscious and left for dead in the Seelie realm. While she quite likely would have eventually made her way back to the unseelie on her own it was not to occur. A rogue gangrel found the remnants of the raid and Cass deciding he’d try to create for himself a following in his way of thinking he could rise to primogen of a fashion. His great and fatal mistake was choosing Cass upon which to begin. By the time this rogue happened upon her she was indeed the last alive making the rest not even good for a meal at that point. As soon as Cass was cognizant she killed the gangrel ripping his heart out. But the deed was done and Cass now became an outcast even among her own. She barely survived the fledgling stage but managed to despite the odds.

Wandering the shadows now she killed to survive first in the dark and safe tunnels of the Underdark then in time the alleyways of various surface cities. Galain Alcarin (gangrel) had taken her under his wing at one point until she was hunted and chased all the way to the water planet. Now she finds herself hiding in an artist’s galley biding time. She formed a most unlikely bond with the shop owner and now stays more for her own reasons.


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