Character Details - Has'ta Ca'ar

Written by AkavCreated : 12-Jul-2004 12:19:10 am
Last Edited : 22-Jun-2007 1:50:29 pm

Height: 6'6"
Race: Unknown Mixed Appears mostly Human
Eyes: dark brown to almost black

Former Armsmaster to Nargus IV

Heavily muscular yet skillful and agile. Has'ta is expert in any weapon he has used. He comes somewhat naturally to those skills. He is a practiced hunter and tracker. He survived the downfall of the house of Nargus by being always several steps ahead of his Emperor. In doing just that he once robbed the cradle so to speak when he stole away one of a clutch allegedly sired by Nargus to raise in secret and perhaps come back and restore to the Diirlathe what had gotten lost under Nargus.

While he would kill anyone outright and coldy he has few weakness in any form of combat. There is a long list of those who underestimated this man as an opponent. Yet he is also skilled in more subtle talents too. While he would strike you outright rather than admit it he has a softer side he conceals from everyone save those he choses. In addition he discovered early in his care of the young Akavian that he could hear and speak with most dragonkind mentally.">>


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Michael Chiklis