Character Details - Rani Al'trekis Arketh

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Race: High Elf

Height: 5'11"

Hair: golden blonde with reddish highlights

Eyes: peridot green

Attire: Loose fitting shirt of white of tan colors and an open vest also smooth fitting soft leather trousers light tan in color.


Born the daughter of Janric and Aislynn Al'trekis in a remote corner of the Kingdom in a little village called Tauros, Rani grew to favor the ways of a warrior rather than the genteel ways of ladies of the courts of Tuilindo in the great city of Telepos. Aislynn had hoped Rani would one day find her way to the high courts and wed one of the noble houses. But Rani had no such aspirations for herself. Whenever their family had gone to the great city what attracted Rani's eyes and heart were the Royal Guards. They looked powerful and stately to her, always at the ready to defend or protect. The best part for Rani had always been the Great Competitions. She loved to watch the various games of sword, bow and staff. She studied their moves and made sure to look for that one move that gave the victor his edge to win. Afterward at home she would practice with anyone she could and before long there was no one but her father that would endure repeated defeat at her hand. In ways her father would never openly acknowledge, Janric was proud of his daughter and never more so than when she announced she was joining the ranks of the Royal Guards, much to the chagrin and heartbreak of her mother.

Rani spent twenty years as a Royal Guard rising quickly as a skilled and trusted warrior of high rank. But in those twenty years Rani came to see that much of the nobility and honor she had once ascribed to the Guard was lacking and given to much political squabbling. Shortly after receiving rank of lieutenant general, Rani retired from the House of the Guards and struck out on her own as a freelance warrior available for hire. It was on one of these many adventures that Rani finally met the one man that could win her heart completely. Railen Rossevirin captured her love deeply and they wed spending many wonderful years together. She now traveled where he went and fought by his side and loved him intensely. No one, knowing she was by his side ever dared to challenge them. They all knew that with her skills and the depth of her love none would ever vanquish them. In a series of what later turned out to be tragic events Rani and Railen were separated by her death.

Rani was then taken by Arminiea at the behest of Y’Roden D’Riel and although all she could do was restore her life she could not restore her and Railen together. She later was invited to stay in S’Hea when it became evident that she was part S’Hean elf, by B’Rodyn who was King at the time. Before long she was given the position in the Hyem-Sirke or Guard for the Royal Family. In time she became Captain in those ranks. She fought fiercely beside the King when Talin attacked S’Hea and mourned his death very much. She remained in the service of the next King Y’Roden.

When the planet was poisoned by Haldanaru Rani was spending much time with Rhodry Arketh in Corin when she wasn’t serving in the castle. The effects on her were strong and she nearly became one of the mutated ones that serve Haldanaru. Before she had gotten too far into the transformation she made Rhodry promise her he would not let the transformation complete itself in her. He was about to keep that promise upon his fiancée when the land was healed and Rani along with it. At the very next Vaegh-Riel festival Rhodry surprised his love by planning their wedding for that time secretly inviting her parents and others witness their promises to each other. She is now Lady Arketh of Corin.




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