Character Details - Alexander Bane

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 9-Jul-2004 1:24:21 am
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Name: Alexander Bane (most just call him Bane)

Race: Human

Age: Appears between 30 & 35

Eyes: Brown almost black

Hair: Dark Brown

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 175lbs

Build: Like a brick s***house

Appearance: Dark haired and eyed with a tan complexion Alex cuts a dashing figure in the autumn hues he chooses to accent his largely black wardroom. He is above average height for a human an extremely broad of shoulder with well-defined muscles. Always conscious about his appearance Alex never shows up with a single hair out of place.

He dose not appear to carry any weapons on her his person.. nor does he appear to have any concealed anywhere. His style of dress, which usually consists of black jeans, black shirt (no button downs polo’s or pull overs), different hued jacket, and black loafers, make such things a bit impossible.

Demeanor: Being fairly passive it takes a lot to get Alex riled enough to throw a punch. He generally takes things in stride and lets most things roll off his back figuring no harm no foul. However, if you do manage to get his ire up then be careful as he has quite the temper.

Alexander is a true gentleman putting those of the fairer sex before himself. There is nothing more beautiful in the entire world to Alex than a woman .. except of course a pregnant one. He will often go out of his way to hold open doors, pull out chairs, and tip his hat (if he's wearing one) or his head in respect. Being rude or disrespectful to a member of the fairer sex in Alex's presence is definitely one way to get on his wrong side.

Abilities: Alex has many abilities, however, the ones you can't see are the ones he was born with. Being the son of a human mage and a witch has its advantages that's for sure. One of those is his ability to read a persons name.. doesn't matter whom it is he will instantly know their name, however, anything else in their mind is untouchable to him. His other ability is to blink . . . meaning he can be one place then suddenly show up somewhere else. He doesn't use it often, but being the passive person he is it sure does come in handy sometimes.

As for combat skills he can use most weapons with proficiency, but chooses not to. His father, Ilius, taught him all he needed to know to defend himself in both weapons battle as well as hand to hand combat. However, he doesn't own any weapons of his own.

Being a traveler Alex has also learned the art of hunting for food. Mostly he uses snares or traps to catch game, but has been known to do the odd bit of fishing. He is also a talented herbalist knowing how to judge if a fruit or berry is good or not which is what he eats when game is scarce.

History: gimme time and I'll come up with one

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